Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lisa's sports report...

For those of you who are not into Football this is a week long programme on every night on ITV the brainchild of Jonathan Wilkes and his mate Robbie Williams who have decided to hold a Soccer Challenge England v The Rest of the World with various celebrities and ex football players.

The high light of the week will be a match on Saturday held at Old Trafford with all the money raised going to UNICEF a charity close to Robbie’s heart.

I thought this was such a good cause and also one close to my heart (football and UNICEF) that I wanted to promote it

UNICEF – the United Nations Children’s Fund - is the world’s leading organisation working specifically with children.UNICEF exists to protect the world’s children whenever and wherever they are at risk. The goals of UNICEF’s work include making sure every child has water that is clean and safe to drink – and the chance to go to school. We raise funds to ensure children are fed and cared for if their country is struck by drought or another emergency, and to make children safer, inside and outside the home. We work to protect children against diseases such as measles, malaria and HIV/AIDS and we train nurses, doctors and health workers to do so as well. We do this not only in times of emergency, but every day through long-term development work. UNICEF and its partners are currently working for children in 155 countries, areas and territories.By supporting Soccer Aid you will help UNICEF and its partners to:
Prevent children in Indonesia dying from malaria
Care for children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Provide clean water to children and families in Mozambique
Support community schools for girls and boys in Zambia
Ensure children in Malawi get the food and nutrition they need.
Prevent young babies being abandoned in Ukraine
Find out more by watching out for the special films featuring UNICEF Ambassadors David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Elle Macpherson and Ewan McGregor, as well as UNICEF supporters Paul Bettany and James Nesbitt, to be shown on the Soccer Aid TV show.You can also visit the special Soccer Aid pages on the UNICEF website to find out more about how Soccer Aid is helping children.Although a global UN agency, UNICEF is not funded by the UN and depends entirely upon charitable donations and grants.

Oh and I just wanted to thank all those lovely people who texted and rang me when Arsenal lost against Barcelona in the Champions League, I am still of the opinion that we were the better team and had we been allowed 11 against 11 would have proved it.

But its I am so glad that Thierry Henry has decided to stay another 4 more years – a fantastic player, and will only enhance our team.

Ciao for now
Lisa xx

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