Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The sex survey....Lisa's bits!

Yahoo carried out the Great British Sex Survey and here are the results comments anyone?

28% of all men and 26% of all women report that they have had sex with someone they have met on the internet.

The majority of respondents - 52% - are not turned on by the idea of sex with a stranger

Just over 1 in 3 respondents admit to having sex at their place of work with 40% of men saying they have done so compared with 31% of women saying so.

37% of women claim to have used leather, rubber, or latex articles as sexual turn ons compared with 30% of men

3 out of 4 women admit to having faked an orgasm during sex. 1 in 3 of all men say they have.

2 out of 3 respondants would enjoy 3-in-a-bed sex 80% of all men went for this, compared to 50% of all women

13% of people have paid to have sex, almost all of which were men.

Twice as many men as women would rather have bad sex than none at all!

After a night of sex I have woken up next to someone whose name I didn't know. 3 out of 4 respondents have never done so, Of those who had, almost 2 to 1 were men.

Nearly 50% of women would sleep with another woman if they knew that nobody would find out, while 14% of men would sleep with a man under the same circumstances.

The thought of participating in a sex orgy goes down well with just over 2 out of 3 respondents. 76% endorse the idea as do 57% of all women

94% of men think about sex every day, compared with 75% of women.

47% of men and 42% of women have been involved in more than one sexual affair at a time.

82% of men and 70% of women think they have a high sex drive.

Driving and sex. 72% of all men and 57% of all women would give or receive oral sex while driving.

94% of men use pornography, compared with 63% of women.

If I had the chance to watch people making love without being seen, I’d take it. 82% of all men and 65% of all women would do this.

23% of all men and women rated being too tired as their main reason for not getting enough sex.

When asked have I tied someone up or been tied up during sex. 58% of men and 62% of women answered yes.
Favourite Sexual positions

Men on top Woman on Top Man behind
19% 41% 19%
26% 25% 25%

In the 25 -29 year old group

Men on top Woman on Top Man behind
18% 37% 23%
24% 26% 33%

In the 30 -34 year old group

Men on top Woman on Top Man behind
22% 38% 26%
38% 30% 30%

Number of sexual partners
When asked the question how many partners you have had full sex with the answers were as follows:
13% of all men and 10% of women

2 – 4
24% of all men and 24% of all women

5 – 10
19% of all men and 23% of all women

11 – 20
16% of all men and 19% of all women

21 – 30
8% of all men and 9% of all women

50 – 100
5% of all men and 3% of all women

100 plus
3 % of all men and less than 1% of all women

Women equal men in terms of having had full sex with 2 - 4 partners, but thereafter and up to 30 partners, more of them have had more partners in each of the categories above when compared to their male counterparts

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Anonymous said...

The fact I find really amazing is the oral sex and driving, must put this to the test, as it clearly seems a popular thing to do!
I won't comment further for fear I may give you more info than you needed. Gx

mcaretaker said...

giving or receiving Gina ?