Saturday, August 06, 2005

A blog that needs no title or any other words...

today (friday) is a sad day, la cosanostra have won the day, as i sit and ponder the situation a song pops into my head so i will share it with you.

There are people that will investigate you,
They’ll insinuate, intimidate and complicate you,
don't hesitate state the fate that awaits those who
try to shake or take you, dont let them break you
YOU!, you can do anything you want to do

people that despise you will analyze and criticize you
they'll scandalise and tell lies until they realise you are
somebody they should have apologised to don't let these people
compromise you be a wise to, you can do anything you want to do
its not wrong what i say is true you can do anything you want to do
do what you want to,
hey you you are not that puppet on a string you can do anything
you want to

God bless phil lynott

sorry there is no story this week hopefully things will be back to normal steve..x

Thank you Steve for the very appropriate words...blogmaster


Anonymous said...

No comments required! Gx

Anonymous said...

I second that Lisa xxx

Anonymous said...

The the wastes of space

You gotta problem you just can't hide
Compulsive habits that never seem to die
Your breath has taken up all the air
Your teeth are rotting
To black holes in your head
Well reality is due
What you say just can't be true
When the story is streched and so far-fetched
That you're lacking an excuse

You Lied...

dont let them take you down x

mcaretaker said...

We shall not be defeated.
thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great evening, please note the time! Good night Gx