Tuesday, August 23, 2005

loopy lupines...its lisa!

A bank has apologised to a customer after sending him a debit card bearing the name "Dick Head".NatWest said it had launched an inquiry after Chris Lancaster, 18, of Tiptree, Essex, received a cash card with the wording: "Mr C Lancaster Dick Head". Mr Lancaster said he did not spot the insult until he was handing over the card in a supermarket to pay for something a few days after it arrived in the post.
"I couldn't believe it," he said.
"When I got the card out I saw the name embossed on it. I was so embarrassed I put it back in my wallet.
"I know I've been overdrawn a few times but I've done nothing to deserve this.
"The bank said it must have been a worker with a grudge."
A NatWest spokesman said: "We have apologised unreservedly to Mr Lancaster.
"This is completely unacceptable and we have launched an investigation."

I want to talk about the service or lack or service we get in this country – today I had the misfortune of trying to contact for a client the Jobcentre plus and housing benefit. Lets start with the Jobcentre. For those of us who have a job I advise you to hold on to it at all cost, as the jobcentre have a new way of dealing with potential customers who need to claim benefits, instead of traipsing up the Jobcentre and waiting for an appointment. (I mean to say don’t they want people to go up and check out the latest vacancies while they wait – obviously not) Now you have to telephone a number and wait and wait and wait as a voice tells you that you are in queue and if you don’t need to wait to call back later! What kind of service is that you have lost your job and have no money to pay your rent/mortgage but call back later. Eventually after spending a good part of the day holding on the phone you then get through and they take your name and address and a few other details and tell you they will send you out an appointment! By now I have lost the plot and want to give this person a piece of my mind lucky for her she clicked off before I had the chance.

My next rip my hair out experience was to the Housing Benefit department, who give you a direct number to call on their letter but surprise surprise its busy and remained busy for most of the day – I was just about to lose my patience (I know I can hear you all gasp – Lisa losing her temper never lol) when a I hear a real voice. I then explain the problem, to which I am told oh I cant help you I will have to put you through to someone else I begged and pleaded but she vanished and some classical music came into my ear (was this suppose to calm me down I thought) the voice then returned to say that the line I needed was busy and would I like to hold (hold what I had been on hold all day) yes I said I will hold why not I have nothing better to do all day. I was only thankful it was not my phone bill otherwise I don’t think I would have been so polite. Did I get through to the person I needed to speak to no because after waiting another 15 mins or so the phone went dead. When I called the direct dial number back guess what …………………….

Anyway that’s my rant over with for today normal transmission will return hopefully by next week

But I just wanted to say one more thing I had a fantastic night on Friday night in our local pub everyone was on form and the conversations were brilliant – I had another blog in mind but wasn’t sure if Gina was going to write about it lol so if she doesn’t what a shame you were not there.


Anonymous said...

Been there etc, etc, although never to the job centre or housing benefit(thank god). If I ever have to contact these agencies then I know where to find an expert!
I agree, Friday was one of the best nights out at our local, it was looking like only 3 of us would attend, but it was full of surprises, slowly one by one our numbers increased.
I'm now sitting here wondering what the hell we were talking about, that's really scary as I was only drinking shandy! I needed some help this week as I seem to have writers block.......nothing unusual there, then. Gx

piddy77 said...

well i'm glad you can't remember because i haven't got a fucking clue what she's on about! lol...but then again that isn't anything unusual...but Gx please try and remember as it sounds most intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Just going to phone Lynne, Lisa, Rosemary and Steve! Please someone give me a clue! Gx

mcaretaker said...

Hi all back safe and sound. Whats happened then ?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Matt, I suggest you ask Lisa, as clearly the rest of us can't remember what happened in the pub on Friday. Enjoy you day, hope it goes well. Gx