Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lipsmacking Loveliness...it's lisa!

You know the saying you wait for one bus and then three turn up in one go well that was my week I haven’t been out for ages and then I never seem to be in!

So before I tell you about my fab week I need to clear up a few things – as you all know I was named on G`s blog last week – having a girlie chat at M&M’s party I happened to mention that I had purchased a certain something. Well since then everyone but his wife seems to have heard about it! Anyway on Friday I was at head office when I bumped into G and Rosemary and I mentioned that I maybe I should conduct a survey on why a vibrator is better than a man. Well after much laughter and a few exchanges here is the conclusion…

· Always stands to attention when it sees you
· Always available at short notice
· Never moans
· You don’t have to dress up for it
· You don’t have to shave or wax!
· You never have to cook for it
· Hey you never have to take it out and plaster it with alcohol
· The remote is exactly were you left it
· You only have to get it out when you want it
· Always leaves you with a smile J

· Have to make sure you have a supply of batteries

Anyway I will leave you to think of more, as I am sure the men of the blog will want to retaliate. Lol

Anyway moving on much lighter note a few things that happened to me this week –

I had a lovely surprise on Wednesday, the post lady brought a wonderful letter. I was so excited I jumped up and down on the bed and will now need to replace it lol. – I am off to Arsenal again this Thursday, (4th) I have been invited as a VIP to see the first team go through there training session and then another tour of the place. I am so excited I could scream my brother was sick with envy lol. Apparently I was put in a draw along with goodness knows how many and a group of around 3000 of us have been selected so I will bore you with the details next week.

Neil and I went to the cinema on Sunday morning (and no I did not fall asleep this time!) we went to see `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory` we arrived at the cinema and it was full of little darlings – I could see out of the corner of my eye Neil recoil!

Neil and I went in and sat down it was fairly packed and full of the delightful tones of lots of children nattering and asking for popcorn and drinks. All we needed was one of them to start crying and I think Neil would have left the building lol – and then there was a sob I looked at Neil but thankfully it stopped before they went into full swing. The film was fabulous if you love Tim Burton films then this one will not disappoint it was very dark and there were some classic moments the squirrel scene - `don `t touch the squirrels nuts` was brilliant. There was a little person behind us who had us in stitches with the things they kept asking during the film oh and stating the obvious too look its Willie Wonka! - Well who else would it be! Anyway go see it – I did try to get Neil to consider Herbie – Fully Loaded but I think from the look he gave me it’s a no go lol.

Anyway the last piece of news is the best I think – I am off to Edinburgh next Friday and Saturday with Neil to the Edinburgh Festival – Neil has won another competition and its two nights in a 5* hotel (by the castle) with air fare included and tickets to one show on Friday (Pam Ann) and one show on Saturday (Kiki and Herb). What can I say? See you!!!!!!

Lisa xxx


mcaretaker said...

I can't think why you would want a toy instead of a real man. Look at what you would miss. Err bollocks can't think of any. That's it we are redundant. I supose you will be geting toys to do all those other little jobs like decorating,and moaning,farting and paying. Ah now there is something girls will always exspect a man to do !!!!!!!! lol

3Steel said...

your right matt they would miss the bollocks, you know tea bagging and the like!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned Rosemary, I would not want to be solely responsible for all those "Pros".
Great blog Lisa, are there really 3000+ Arsenal supporters?
Looking forward to Friday(are we still going out?) I need to arrange a 7 year old sitter, any offers, Ok looks like I will have to ask my mum again!
See you all soon Gx

Anonymous said...

Hello all thanks for all your comments and yes Gx there are more than 3000 supporters when you consider they are building a new stadium to hold over 60,000 supporters (that includes supporters of the other team) and they have a waiting list for season ticket holders! Like moi who have been on the list 5 years and not counting lol Lisa xxxx

Anonymous said...

Have just thought of a couple more pros. I will share them with you when we meet. I don't want to upset our male readers or admit ownership of these views. Gx