Wednesday, August 10, 2005

grazing goats...its Gina!

What a week, there has been some really sad stuff, but also some good, happy bits. I have had some really good news, only problem is, I can't share it with anyone at the moment. Bugger, I hate keeping secrets, but to be honest most of you will probably go, "oh that's great, why is she so excited". Remember I'm easily pleased........well that's not always true, some pleasing takes a little longer.(little voice inside my head is now saying "don't go there, Gx" I would like to but I have decided to save it for another day)

Neil received his "surprise", and that's the last time I am going to try and be organised. I have known for 10 months what I would give Neil for his birthday, I'm just pleased the flowers arrived on time, to the correct address, even if the greetings card was blank!

I'm sure you have all heard about the great birthday meal, and the fact that Rosemary and I decided to go up town afterwards. We went to the Irish club, paid £3.50 entrance fee, then sat people watching. That was fairly easy to do as there were only 20-30 of us in there. It did not stop us getting on the dance floor and I'm sure Rosemary will not mind me briefly mentioning the tall dark stranger who was wearing the most fab after-shave. Wow, could he move.........he started with Rosemary, was clearly getting no where, so he moved onto me, still did not get what he was looking for(or even a hint), then as we left I think he found what he was looking for, I hope they both had a very enjoyable evening!

Out again this weekend, why does this happen? I can go weeks without the hint of anything, then suddenly it's one party after another without a break inbetween. I have had Lynne's birthday, M&M's party, Retirement do, Neils birthday, Mo's Ruby wedding, my sister's birthday, then N&C summer party, by September I am sure to be well and truly shattered. Sorry I hope you don't think I complaining, it's great to go out, but I could do with a weekend off every now and then.

Take care everyone, love you all loads and loads. Gx

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Anonymous said...

wow and they said being over a certain age is boring lol I can honestly say I am having the time of my life! And by the looks of it Gx so are you - see you soon great blog by the way Love Lisa xxx