Tuesday, August 09, 2005

lashingly lovely...its lisa!

Well Thursday arrived and apart from not hearing my alarm clock to get me up nice and early I bolted out of bed at 7.45am to have a quick shower and then out the door I had a train to catch in St Neots at 9.08am. That’s when I realised I had left my camera at home on the bed! But hooray managed to get to the train station in St Neots and on the train. I sat down looking forward to the getting to Finsbury Park and the short walk.

I looked around and it was nice to see lots of red and white shirts – the chap across from me was with his son he glanced over at me and said we are off to Arsenal I told him so am I oh why don’t you come and join us. It was nice to sit and chat with someone on the train who wasn’t mad or smelt or wanted your money lol.

We arrived at Finsbury Park and walked out and then we made the short walk down towards the Arsenal ground it was as we turned the corner we saw lots of fans all walking down to Arsenal. It was a brilliant we made out way to the West Stand and then had to cue to get in but it was all good as people were talking and singing and having fun. We eventually made it through and then up to the Upper Tier and we were told to sit where we wanted and have a good day.

Just as we sat down a huge cheer went up and out walked Arsene Wenger onto the pitch he was greeted with cheers and clapping – then a huge shout went out as the team came onto the pitch and started running around and warming up. I have to say my phone went mad for a few minutes then as my brother, dad tried to ring and text to see what was happening – I did text Neil to let him know I was ok and having a good time. I was sitting on my own at that time but that didn’t last for long as some guys a few seats away invited me to come and sit with them, so I did they were great and very friendly.

After the training session had finished we were all told to make our way round to the museum and exhibition as we had a free pass to that as well – on the way round I stopped in the shop to have a little spend lol. There was a queue there as well so while standing in the queue I ended up chatting to some people from Cambourne and Peterborough! After leaving the shop I had to hand in an application form for my nephew Ethan to join the junior gunners so handed that it and the guy at the counter asked me if I wanted to buy tickets for the Community Shield on Sunday at the Millennium Stadium it would have been a great day but too far to go do declined I asked him if he had any tickets for any games coming up he said that the Arsenal – Fulham game had just gone on sale to red card members so if I was a member I could buy a ticket – I snapped one up straight away so 24 August you will never guess where I am going again lol
Anyway think I have bored you all enough so I will say good night

PS Just one more thing if any of you saw the cricket over the weekend what a dramatic seat of your pants finale on Sunday I have no nails left lol. I did manage to spend a lovely afternoon with Neil to celebrate his birthday xxx. I hope he has a lovely week off the lucky sod.

Lisa xx


Anonymous said...

They sound like a friendly crowd, glad you had a good time. Wish I could sound slightly more interested but as you all know, I don't do sport! Gx

3Steel said...

Glad you had a great time,lucky you getting a ticket as well.
Cricket was fantastic, i was listening to it on the radio while traveling to Totternhoe to play cricket myself, when england took the last wicket i nearly crashed the car while celebrating!!!!!
It was really great having you and Neil round after his birthday meal we really enjoyed it, as we don't often have the chance to entertain into the small hours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments - and thanks Steve and Claire for inviting us round we both had a lovely time. Lisa xxx

mcaretaker said...

Nice blog Lisa glad you had a great day. Tell me what is the fasination with Football?