Tuesday, August 16, 2005

googling geraniums...its gina!

First can I say congrats to Maureen and Ken on celebrating 40years of married life, what I want to know is how have they managed to achieve this. Their celebration party was really good, lots of people enjoying themselves, I was back on form, managed to attract the unwanted attention of someone who was clearly old enough to be my father, but at least he was single and solvent and also another chap who dropped his trousers, how impressed did he think I would be.

Talking of anniversaries, M&M will be celebrating today, that is of course if Matt has remembered, if not, I fear there may trouble(hope your are reading this nice and early and the shops are still open). So many congrats to them also, they have not reached 40 years of married life yet, I think it's 3, but then again it could be 4.

That's the nice part over with, now I would like to talk(ok, it's a little moan) about my Doctor. I have for the past couple of weeks put off visiting him, the reason being I always feel like I'm an inconvenience and true to form this happened again on Monday. I was slightly amazed when I phoned at 08.30am to be told I could see a Dr at 09.10, I managed to make myself look presentable and arrived 5 mins before my appointment. This time armed with diary and symptoms I felt fully prepared(that was short lived), once again I left after a couple of minutes feeling he had not listened to me or dealt with the underlying cause of my problem, he just fobbed my off with a blood test. Ok, so that will confirm what I already suspect, but it has not dealt with or helped me to cope with the symptoms. I'm once again left thinking why did I bother. That's the end of my little moan, I knew I would feel so much better for sharing that. Thank you.

On a slightly lighter note I have just purchased a new shed, the only problem is I now have to demolish the old one, of course nice Mr shed man will do that, but at a price(between £100-£200). I have decided I will save some money and tackle this task myself, I'm wondering if Mr shed man has managed to stop laughing yet, and clearly he felt obliged to give me some really helpful advice that went something like:-

1. Be careful, you could be seriously injured if it falls on you!2. It would be best to empty it first-did he really think I would try to demolish it with contents still in situ.3. It will take you quite a few trips to the "tidy tip" to dispose of the wood, of course it will it's an 8x12ft shed.

So starting this Friday, (as 7 yrs old will be out of harms way, I have a few days off and the weather is looking good), Gx's shed demolition will begin. A plea to all my friends, if I fail to appear at the pub on Friday evening or indeed at work on Monday, please will someone check on me, just incase the task was beyond my capability, as clearly Mr shed man thought it would be.


mcaretaker said...

Having be in your shed I am at a loss to think why you would want to replace it. It's fantastic and would make the most fantastic workshop. Why not canncel new shed and spend less doing the old one up a bit it will fit into the garden much better.

Anonymous said...

Oh no blog has been posted a day early, today(Wed) is M&M anniversary. Clearly Matt has had ample time to at least get a card.
Shed is at least 30 years old(quote from Mr shed man), it would take more time and effort to try and patch it up. Don't worry I have gone for the same style, and of course it's the same size so it should be just perfect. Gx

mcaretaker said...

Oh ok how about a shed party when its done then ?

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of ways to christen the new shed! Has anyone got any thoughts on what I could do? Gx

Anonymous said...

Gx I will not comment on how you can christen the shed but what I want to know is have you carried out the necessary risk assessment and health and safety checks before you put up said shed lol
Lisa xx