Wednesday, August 24, 2005

great gazonkas...its gina!

Lets discuss people's ability to remember things..................................bugger, that's a great start, I've just forgotten what I was going to type next! Is that because of my age, my recent spell of insomnia, 7 yr old wanting my attention, is it because I have so much going on in my life at the moment, or could it be something else.

After Lisa's blog entry last night, I am now sitting here going through all the conversations I can remember having on Friday, so here's my list:-

1. Right to aquire(it's similar to a Council tenants right to buy)
2. Neil fab shirt
3. Who is covering the office
4. Matt, Matt and more Matt(good luck, I'm sure you won't need it)
5. Extra's(BB2, Thursday, 9pm)
6. The Catherine Tate show(BB2, Thursday, 9.30pm)
7. Steve's week in Manchester
8. England v Australia
9. Neil and Steve's photographic experiences(in other words, the lost pictures)
10. The Beer
11. The friendly young men in my local
12. Steve's new top
13. Lisa and Neils trip to Edinburgh
14. Lisa's shopping in Edinburgh
15. Whether or not the pub had any Pernod
16. Should we head into Town
17. Chelsea v Arsenal(sorry Lisa)
18. Shall we go and have something to eat(I wonder if the staff in KFC have recovered yet!)
19. What you should, or should not wear to work
20. That famous person Steve met(sorry I still can't remember his name)

That's about all I can remember, but if I have missed anything off I'm sorry. Back to you Lisa, what should I be writing about tonight?

After my little moan about my Doctor last week I thought I should praise the NHS pathology dept. Had blood test Monday lunchtime, Dr's recieved the results on Wednesday and managed to send me a letter requesting I make another appointment , I received the letter on Friday so I phoned them at 8.30 and once again managed to see a Dr at 9.40. What a fucking waste of time that was. I won't share the finer details with you, but I felt like the invisible woman, did the Dr listen to my concerns, or did he offer me any help-NO and NO.


mcaretaker said...

Sorry can't help about the pub last Friday as I was not there.But I like the fact that everybody was talking about me(point 4).Point 6 crap show should never have been commisioned same for point 5, does nothing for me.Point 19 We have all done the code of conduct training in Alison's own words nipples to be covered up.(in some cases a pity)

Anonymous said...

Yes point 4 was discussed with a tear or two(ok, I will be honest, we had to fetch a jumbo loo roll from the lady's), but we tried to remain positive about things. Looks like I won't need to stay up after 9pm tomorrow, although I have to say for once Matt you are in the minority as everyone raved about these two programs!
Didn't want to mention nipples but the conversation was about people who want to show off their ample breasts in the office, and that clearly is not me! Gx

Anonymous said...

well obviously people are to drunk to remember lol i will have to wait until i see you Gina to tell you lol - but it was a really good night especially as there were more people than was thought Lxx