Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moping Mugwai''s Matthew!

Then in a flash it was gone. Well that’s what it feels like anyway. Time is a funny thing you spend all your time looking forward to something and wishing the time away then whoosh gone. As a kid Christmas was always far far away and it never seemed to come. You broke up from school and the few days to the biggie just dragged along forever. And the same has happened to this year well particularly the summer. Where has it gone? Shot by without so much as a sunburnt arm. Well I say gone apart from a few days about a month ago it never really got started. And all of a sudden whoosh gone. Is it global warming or am I just remembering the days of my youth with rose tinted glasses on?

If it is global warming then am I to blame. I drive a car bigger than I need. I drive faster than is legal, which uses more petrol etc etc. I have my central heating turned up to keep the chill out. Well my significant other half turns it up to keep the chill out of the whole street. I do try and keep the dial around 21 ish. I go on foreign holidays to far off lands allowing the plane to take the strain. I buy food in the supermarket, not local because it’s better. I like to be able to eat what ever I want at any time of year. I have furniture from companies who import from across the water. Etc etc etc, in short I am an ordinary person who consumes like the rest of us. Oh and if it is global warming that is having an effect on things why has global warming not made it warm. I probably am to blame along with every other person around. I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night expecting the bearded green party 2cv drivers to be knocking on my door to parade me in front of my neighbour as an example to every one of how bad and uncaring a single person can be. The other side of the argument of course is that he does it so therefore so should I. Cars don’t hurt the planet they promote wealth and growth.

I drive down the street and I use petrol. The petrol companies employ people to dig, transport, refine research and promote petrol. When I go out in my car I need to use the roads. Road building gives the poor brainless irks who in day gone buy would have been canon fodder for the Russian front a job and a sense of purpose. The plane I use to fly on my holidays is the end result of thousands of man hours of human achievement. I am actively supporting the EEC buy buying goods abroad and having them sent to Britain. All that transporting and making and designing selling is key to keeping the world alive. Every time I or you do anything we keep people employed. Each one of us is like a small countries economy.

Or are we just being selfish for the next and successive generations and slowly destroying the planet we live on. As I said then in a flash it’s gone.
Matt x


Anonymous said...

Oh a little harsh Matt, your other half has no idea on how to operate the central heating. She has to resort to using a hot water bottle and snuggie! Gx

mcaretaker said...

What is a snuggie ?

Anonymous said...

is a snuggie a posh name for a plushie lol - great blog we are all guilty of helping global warming do I feel guilty let me think ......... Lisa x

mcaretaker said...

Never thought of Gina as a plushie kind of girl !!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Matt, please don't make me laugh. I like to keep an open mind, so I would probably try anything once!