Friday, August 19, 2005

Minging's matt!

Is twenty four hour drinking a good thing (Gina especially needs to consider this)or are we all going to end up drunk all the time. Well only time will tell and the key date is I understand the 24th of November. After the 24th we in England will all be drunk all of the time. Crime will go up, pregnancies will go down. And that’s not because booze effects the sperm production no. It’s because after 48 pint of special brew you won’t be able to get “it” up. Actually after 48 pints you won’t be able to get up let alone think about “it”.

Anti social behaviour will be rife. Fuelled by to much, too often, society will come crashing down around the ears of us all. Well that’s what the press would have us think. And depending on which media you use the problem will be slightly different. This goes back to the bias thing I talked about last week. According to the Telegraph “The moral fibre of society will break and the state of peoples religious belief will crumble fuelled by the devils brew”. Or if you read the Sun “Topless sex fest in towns at chucking out time”.

So why are we changing our drinking laws and what is actually going to happen on the fateful day in November. The original idea was to bring us into line with our continental cousins across the water in mainland Europe. So for those of you who don’t know about Europe a very quick crash course on booze in Belgium or drink in Denmark or even just alcohol in Amsterdam. Ok with no chucking out time our friends over there can go out at almost anytime. Drink for as long as they want, oh and in general it’s much cheaper than dear old blightie. There cafĂ© culture means that alcohol is much more accepted and the family is more welcome. So kids don’t grow up thinking that it’s important to drink as much as possible because the opportunity will be lost at eleven.

If more pubs stayed open longer or opened and closed when they wanted it would stagger the time we all leave the pub. Mind you staggering out of the pub is something we in Britain have got down to a fine art. With people leaving the boozer at different time there would be no surge on to the street at eleven thirty. So fewer punch ups would happen the police would have less of a problem and the high street would not resemble the somme when the sun comes up on Sunday morning. We could all enjoy our drinking instead of binge drinking our way through the week. Of course when it all kicks off there are going to be one or two small teething problems. But in the end I think it will only do good. Mind you the Scots have had relaxed laws for years when it comes to drinking and look at them. Night night.


piddy77 said...

having just come back from bonnie scotland we found out that the pubs stay open till 5am at festival time, they close for an hour and reopen at 6am lol!...i would be dead within a week!

mcaretaker said...

No you get used to it.

Anonymous said...

As you all know I do like a drink, usually it's in moderation, but I'm only human and sometimes I go slightly over the top(managed moderation last night, so feeling really fab this morning).
I'm not sure that being able to drink 24hrs a day will change things for me, but looking forward to reviewing this topic in early December. Gx