Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Galloping Guinea's Gina!

As most of you are aware I have been away for a couple of days. Journey there was ok apart from the minor problem with my nearside rear tyre, it decided to start smoking. Thankfully I was only a couple of miles from my final destination and a really nice man came to my rescue. He could do nothing only state the obvious, but I was grateful that he interrupted his jog to offer some friendly advice! I can clearly do the "help I'm a woman, and I don't know what to do". Car was repaired(I will use that term loosely, as they could not find a problem), and has been fine ever since, fingers crossed.

It's Piddy's birthday this weekend and I'm looking forward to revisiting the African restaurant, problem is, I'm not sure if it's Friday or Saturday, so could someone please inform me of the day and time as I would really like to be there. I had wanted to give Neil a nice birthday surprise(don't get too excited, it's nothing outrageous or gorgeous), but I have had to tell him because my mind was clearly not on the job in hand, so he may or may not get a surprise, but if he does he will hopefully now know that it is from me. Why when I try to do a little forward planning do things go so wrong......I may give a full account of the present buying experience next week.

Lastly(and I hope you don't mind, Neil), a quick thank you to all my friends, you are really great, caring and wonderful people. See you all tomorrow, back to work and looking forward to it.........I know I'm a sad bitch!


mcaretaker said...

It's Saturday. 8pm at the restraunt.

Anonymous said...

Hello G that was short but sweet! Catch up with you on Saturday Night Lisa xxx