Thursday, August 18, 2005

lathering lunatics...lisa's here!

Hi everyone

First things first lets just mention Big Brother 6 – I did not get to see the finale on Friday as I was having a fabulous time in Edinburgh. I saw some of the show a few days later and have to say while I did enjoy the show and there were some classic moments – Kinga and the bucking bronco being one hi-light which will stay with me for a while. But I had to laugh at Makosi she was so convinced she was going to win the look on her face when she came third and then the arrogance after when interviewed by Davina and then by Dermot on the Sunday reunion show. When interviewed by Dermot about the booing she said that Davina had incited the crowd – this is one BB contestant who I don’t care if I never see again on TV but no doubt she will end up being the biggest I say the word loosely `star`. That’s my BB6 moment over. Maybe they should change the format for next year any suggestions?

Did anyone get the chance to see the new highly publizied new programme on C4 `Lost`. I managed to catch it and I have to say so far so good there are some good characters and I am sure there will be some good plots we will have to wait and see. The reason I mention this is because if you plan to fly anywhere don`t fly with Neil or watch programmes like this! As we board the plane to fly to Edinburgh he just can’t resist mentioning for the umpteenth time about the plane crash in the programme and how graphic it was. And where you should not sit on the plane lol (mind you I do want to claridy a point that Neil missed in his blog on the flight back home we did not have to ask for the extensions for the seatbelts and we had more room. So if you want more room don`t sit at the front of an easyjet flight lol.

Mind you Edinburgh Airport have a sick sense of humour too as we cue up to go through to the departure area there is a large TV for passengers to watch and on Sunday morning they had BBC News24 on and guess what they were showing – the plane crash in Greece you would have thought they would have turned the channel over!

Anyway on a lighter Note!

Lisa xx
Short but sweet this week

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts on BB, I think it is past it's sell by date, and this years contestants have to be the worst bunch of people ever.
Do you read Neils blog entries? check again, unless I'm dreaming, he did mention the return journey and not needing extenstions!
Just want to say hi to Matt, you have now missed a deadline, it's ok, I know you are busy. Gx