Saturday, June 10, 2006

shit stirrin' son of a bitch...another day in the big brother house!

hello all...Yippee sams gone..thats all about big brother!....well football fever is in the air and do i give a fuck? is the simple answer, I aim to stay away from flag wavers, air horns and car tooting wankers for the next few weeks...what a waste of fucking time, i hope England lose quickly so we can get on with normality.

I know you were expecting a blog from Steve today but I am here as I forgot to do one yesterday, too much sun methinks! Hope fully we will have a blog from Steve which I can post tomorrow.

Just watched an incredibly brave film, 'United 93' about one of the planes in the 9/11 scenario. It was a very affecting film and at the end I was fairly traumatised for a couple of seemed to be more horrific because it was real. I am not quite sure what the film achieved, it amy have achieved some form of 'closure' for the families of those on board but the film itself was really well made and not the slightest bit gratuitous. The most heart breaking part is where they are all on the phones to their families as the plane is plummeting to earth...please watch it...

On a lighter note I watched the new version of 'The Omen', once again I didn't really see the point of the remake, as good as it is, because the original is a 'classic' of the horror genre. I could understand if somebody wanted to make a decent version of a rotten film, but this was not the case. The film is played out almost word for word and scene by scene of the original (SPOILERS..DO NOT READ IF YOU INTEND TO WATCH THE FILM) except for an amazing death of the photographer which is different to the original and a great grande guignol set piece (SPOILERS OVER)
Overall the film was excellent and it was really nice to see Mia Farrow in the Billie Whitelaw role..she is utterly over the top and insane :) ....good gracious I do believe it's another one to watch!

I have only just come across the greatness of 'Richard Cheese'...Dick to his friends lol who has a greatest hits compilation out this week...the guy is a lounge big band singer who covers songs by slipnot, nirvana, system of a down, radiohead etc..all in band has to be heard to be believed , but it's summer and it's fun and it certainly made me smile!

Enjoy the damn weather, enjoy the damn football (but good and play nicely!)
I'm outta here
Neil x

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