Thursday, June 15, 2006

allez oop too....

The blog you are about to read was written just over one week ago. The reason I missed last week was due to an unforeseen technical hitch My computer god blesses little cotton socks decided that the monitor was surplus to requirements and therefore decided not to give me any picture this happened at 11.30 at night just as I was about to post my blog to Neil for the following Thursday and only five hours before leaving to go on holiday. So the apologies for the technical hitch normal service has been resumed, and I will start talking about the journey through France and of course making regular references to the cheese eating surrender monkeys that inhabits that their country so sit back enjoys the read and see you next week. By the way As you read the blog will notice there’s one question I have asked and the answer is yes.

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m very excited as I write my blog this week because for the first time I am not actually writing anything I am using a feature of windows XP that allows me to talk at my computer and it miraculously types exactly what I say.

For me this is obviously a much quicker way to type or rather not type because I’m in fact just dictating, at present my computer is about 98% accurate and as I use this feature more and more it just gets better and better. The computer actually learns from what I say how very Blake’s Seven is that, very 23rd century. Now the interesting thing is that anybody with a microphone and a computer that has Microsoft Windows XP loaded on it can use this facility. It’s not quite at this stage Of Star Trek, it won’t for instance allow me to close or open a programs and unfortunately it can’t talk back, Or perhaps that’s a good thing, but I can control all the web browsing facilities in Internet explorer, also view edit and move around all my emails in outlook, and it will allow me all the functions in word, which incidentally I am using to write this little blog today. I can also control all the features of Excel and PowerPoint. So that’s a big thumbs up to Microsoft who for once have really given us a useful piece of software and it’s all the better the being included completely free inside every copy of windows XP that’s already out there.

Go on give it to go the neighbours will either think your completely mad talking to your computer, or be dead jealous how computer savvy you really are the choice is yours. Just one little recommendation if you’re thinking of having a go at talking to your computer, I would recommend one of those microphones that clips over your ear they are a lot more comfortable and you don’t feel like your Smashy or Nicey talking into a microphone on some sad radio station.

And believe it or not that seems to be about all for this week I cannot remember a week has been so quiet with nothing happening. I can’t think of a single thing to rant about but perhaps that’s just because I am in a pre holiday mode. The first of my four holidays this year is about to start and as usual it’s the night before we go and I haven’t done a single piece of packing ironing or any of the preparation yet. I did manage to amaze myself by actually organizing the foreign currency two days ago and am still getting over the shock. The only other shock Is that yesterday I have only just got around to looking at the ferry tickets and realized that the sailing from Dover is at 6.25 in the morning, now the ferry company recommend that you are there half an hour before and with the journey time from Bedford to Dover I reckon we’re going to have to leave at three in the morning. But what I can’t work out yet is whether it’s actually worth going to bed.

I’ll let you know how I survived on my return when I write the story of the trip to France I reckon I should be all right as long as I remember to turn right coming out of Calais instead of left other wise ill end up in Belgium. As soon as I’m back some photos will be posted on my flickr, website Speak to you next week.
Matt x

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