Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pinota....letters from cuba... name is Pinota..I live in Cuba and asked Mr Piddy if he would let me take some time on his page to tell you about my live...I live just outside of Havana in a district called habana vieja just near the estadio latinoamericano and life is very good for father is a singer with a hotel band called Cuba Libra and we have lived in this house for the 24 years that I have been alive...

I work as a tourist guide and that is how I know is not a job without its charms and i feel that i like the british people the best because you are down to earth and funny rather than the stuffy and very demanding Americans that visit us on the quiet!

I was walking down the Ave 20 de mayo the other day and went into the 'Jose Marti library' to surf the internet for a while and that is when i came across Mr Piddy's Place after I finished reading the blog site of my friend Anna Martina. I was fascinated with the freedom with which you speak. Mr Castro is a bit funny with Westerners ideals and the only way we really get to learn is by reading on an iliicit computer which has the censorship turned off. There are many 'man to man' people in Cuba but it is almost hidden and most of them end up in showcase bands for the tourist hotels.

My mother does not work anymore, she is able to rest in the home as we have staff that do housework for her...her name is Maria, she does not speak English and she is very beautiful indeed...if i get chance i will find photo and show you..i hope i take after her!

Well, that is just some story about me for the while...I will write again in due course and I thank you and Mr Piddy for your time...If you have any questions about Cuba you would like me to answer then please let Mr Piddy know and we can correspond again
Much Love
Pinota Agrerres

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pinota
wow its great to hear from Cuba I hope that you will write some more and tell us about how your life is over there compared to the western world

Thanks to Mr Piddy xx