Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot thing!.....

It's a summers evening ...imagine yourself in a hot sweaty club listening to a set by James Brown and the horns of soul...well it wasn't James Brown and it wasn't sweaty but at the 100 club in London last night, it was musically Damn Hot!...

St.Paul Peterson and the Sounds of Minneapolis took to the stage and blew away the small exclusive audience that awaited them...the gig was great, musicians that had played with Prince throughout his career bought the Minneapolis sound right back into London...

It's the first time that St.Paul has played a gig here and it was arranged by The Prince Fan club, hence being a bit exclusive...we wandered around in front of the stage, dancing here and there but mostly watching in awe at the musicianship that was taking place just 5 feet in front of us...St.Paul on Bass, Vocals, Keyboards and guitar (truly amazing with a great voice) Ricky Peterson on Keyboards, Vocals and digital video camera! (St Pauls brother whose dexterity on the keyboards just blew everyone into jazz funk oblivion) Kat Dyson on guitar and bass (She is truly a talent to admire and one of Prince's closest working companions) Joey Finger on drums (looking like hugh grant and as tight rythmically as a percussionist can be, what i would do to see him and sheila e on the same stage!) and Jason Peterson Delaire on keyboards, saxophone and vocals (St Pauls amazing all round musician and singer...he made the saxophone bleed!)

The set consisted of songs from the very old to the very new, a couple of highlights were when they broke into Sheila E's 'Love Bizarre', Prince's 'Sexy MF' and St Paul's original version of 'Nothing Compares 2 u'....truly truly magnificent.
One gig in England was not enough!
Good God Y'all !...I hope they come back soon, for your sake

Neil x

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