Monday, June 12, 2006

My life as a mormon...

NO...I am not a mormon, but what if i wanted to be a mormon...can you be a gay mormon?..that means i could have 3 husbands...well one would do to start with.
I would have to get over the fact that I can't really believe that The Christ visited an american forest, smokey bear leaflet in hand, and spoke to the guy who brews bitter, John Smith, and persuaded him to start his own following...hmmm...doesn't really hold together well does it...first of all we don't know whether the ultimate being was sticking to his flight path, and secondly John Smith was probably too pissed to realise that it was his wife telling him to get back home immediately and not some sort of ethereal figure....
Tonight on channel 5 is a new drama series about mormons, looks like a hoot, I shall be watching to escape the idiocy of the football...stay tuned

Yes Yes Yes, posh suzie has answered our prayers in the BB HOuse, that horrible little insect known as Grace is up for nomination...lets see where your nastiness gets you now bitch! HA!...I bet she walks out before Friday though, i reckon that she won't be able to handle people booing at her...we shall see, snidey little fucker!

Pinota's note of the other day received some good feedback and I am sure she will send another one shortly...have not heard from her for a few days, I hope Castro and his bullies haven't found her..

Panic! at the disco...great album, great song titles...great great great, please listen...

Pop socks are in...tankini's are out...official (from Tranny and Suzandah)...wear a pop sock on your tit today...

Congratulations to 3steel who managed to score 66 runs in his cricket match yesterday..he will be celebrated in the local newspaper on Friday.

One word film review....."American Dreamz".....joyful

Ciao babies
Neil x

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