Wednesday, June 14, 2006


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Knowing Your Faults

I don't always show you that I love you

I don't always show you how much I care

But I just don't know how I'd cope

If one day you wasn't there

I know I can be independent

Defiant to the end

And I know that a lot of the time

I must drive you round the bend

I know I can be stropy

An old welsh druid so you say

And I know I can get grumpy

When I'm tired at the end of the day

I know I'm not always very tidy

And I'm not good at staying up late

I fall asleep during the late night film

So my company's not great

Sometimes I talk in a very strange way

I can't understand you I hear you say

I can't help it that you don't speak like me

Maybe you should try listening more carefully

I don't always give you tea in a cup

And I certainly don't know when to shut up

I'm quick to point out your faults too

Nevertheless I'd be lost without YOU

Loves Ya With Bells On


By Gaye Algar

(10the August 2003)