Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh, my god it goes from bad to worse no sooner than I get in sight of the final whistle of the 2006 World Cup than bloody Wimbledon starts. If you look at the papers you would be forgiven for thinking that everybody in Great Britain is interested in football to the exclusion of every other subject. The truth is somewhat different, there's a sizable chunk of the population of this country who are not sports fans and are just waiting for it all to end.

Now I am a fair kind of person and I think it's only right and proper that such an important event as the World Cup is given proper live coverage on a major terrestrial television channel. But during this year's world cup the schedule has been shot to bits, football has taken over everything. It's not enough that the match is on live but there’s a build-up program with pundits guessing what will happen, and afterward we are subject to endless sports personalities of yesteryear analyzing the fuck out of what just happened.

I know that television is a competitive industry and I know that television executives spend vast amounts of their budget buying the rights show these games, but does the side that’s not showing have to cave in and offer nothing to the rest of the population.

I think these TV companies have missed a trick, there is a gaping hole that a clever TV executive could fill and make real killing in. But nobody is prepare to stick their neck out and schedule something half decent against the might of sport. Just in case it cost a few quid. So I and lots like me are stuck watching endless repeats of something crap from 1979(and no I was not referring to Margaret Thatcher although she definitely was something crap that happened in 1979 to all of us)

I would just like to end today by adding my two pence worth two Neil’s story the other day about his bad experience with Ebay. Just after Christmas I sold an old mobile phone hand set. A gentleman who shall remain nameless won the auction and paid me very promptly through PayPal. As the gentleman had played I sent the goods off to his registered address all happy I thought, oh how wrong can you be.

Twenty four hours after I had sent the package my buyer decided to contact Paypal and get them to put a stop home the money in my account. Apart from the facts that I was unaware Paypal could do this I was very pissed off. My buyer claimed that I had not sent the package and therefore was being fraudulent. It turns out that unless you follow the sellers guide to the letter you are not covered at all. You sell something and it all goes wrong there are a number of steps you have to have done to even be in with a chance of getting any compensation.

You must only send Items to the registered buyers address; you must always get a signature from post man so that you can track a parcels progress and prove that you actually sent it. And finally you have to use Paypal for all money transactions. There are many unscrupulous people out there who will take you for every bit you have with out a second thought. Be careful you have been warned.

Matt x

(and to add a bit more to my story the wanker that i dealt with has now de-registered from ebay so I can't even send him any abusive's just not right, I was going to threaten to boil his mother in hot fat next :) Neil x)

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