Thursday, June 01, 2006

And the rain still comes down in buckets and they say we need more!! Bollocks if you drive out from my town towards the north you will see standing water on the fields, and if you walk just fifteen minutes from my house towards the local marina (Not an abandoned old Morris but the place to put your boat) you will find the level of the river just at bursting point. I have a suspicion that all this talk of water shortage is a cunning plan to get everyone on a water metre. Set panic and get people worried about the amount of water they use, put them on a metre for free or at least very cheap, and when we are all paying for every drop we use hike the price through the roof. Remember the money grabbing bastards also known water companies are in it for a profit not to give you a service.

I went to the cinema over the bank holiday weekend twice, now I am not proposing to review the films I saw, other than to say both were panned by the critiques but I thought they were great. And so did the other people I went with so it just goes to show always make your own mind up about something. No I want to talk about the state of the Cinema’s themselves. In my town “Bedford” there is what can only be described kindly as a flea pit. Now I like going to the pictures and the whole event of seeing a film for me is miles better that even the best home cinema systems based around your TV.

First off the whole area around our cinema resembles a de militarised zone somewhere on the boarders of an eastern block country. Nowhere for sane adults to go before the film to eat or have a drink, and again nowhere to have a meal after. Oh there is some sort of Pizza franchise but as I said nowhere that serves food. Inside is not much better, the staff all look like there on work experience. Some of the work experience kids behind the till I swear have not yet uttered English in any form that I can understand since I have been going. The carpet is a colour I can’t tell what. The stuff that is served for you to eat before you go in Hmmmmmm what can I say. The coke is wet and brown. They encourage you to have ice because it reduces the amount of drink and therefore ups the profit.

As for the rest of the food no comment, reconstituted meat compressed into various shapes. And when you get inside to see the film Aggrrrr. What ever happened to cleaning the cinema between performances? Where are the ushers who should be telling groups of kids to behave or get out? (Come to think of it where are the ushers telling the adults to behave.) Why can’t some parents keep there kids under control or better still they could dip into the benefit fiddled pot of money to pay for a baby sitter to stop the poor things being dragged to a film they do not want to see. Or perhaps they do want to see it but have never been taught how to behave. Going to the flicks is great but my local is a disgrace to all and a blot on our landscape. It does not take a genius to work out that if you give people shit some will behave in that way and the remainder just stay away.

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when do i get to sing my way?

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