Sunday, November 20, 2005


...and a very good afternoon to are probably wondering why the title is as it is today...well i am excited to announce that i now have an RSS feed subscription service on the blog which means we could be reaching millions of people all wondering what is happening at 'Piddys Place' on a daily basis. So if you have a newsreader on your pc then please subscribe to my feed...that sounds rather exotic doesn't it!

I'm glad that I made some of you laugh on Friday with my online exploits, i like the way that real life can sometimes bring out some of the funniest stories and if you go ahead and try and make one up it tends to fall flat on its face...I have pretty much shared my life for the last year and apart from the size of my bollocks there's not a lot you don't know about me...unless you know different...I have decided to do another question and answer session which will be open and honest...this will probably be of interest to our newer you have a burning unanswered question you wish to ask, just email me and i will publish the questions and answers soon. You can remain anonymous if you so wish...

Ooh the first birthday of the site is fast approching and i am trying to think of something special to do, but i won't let you down, i keep your eyes and ears open for a special birthday blog around christmas time.

well the weekend is almost over and i've had a lovely phrenetic day at work, crushing peoples hopes of getting something done over a weekend! I can be an evil bitch sometimes! lol
Neil x


Anonymous said...

Email is on it's way, are you putting a limit on the number of questions one person can ask! Gx

mcaretaker said...

I'm glad you are going to mark the first birthday of the Blog. And to think it all nearly died back in Feb glad we kept it going.