Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Illicit meetings with Gina!

I apologise for becoming a little unreliable at writing my Wednesday whines, but I've made an effort this week as I wanted to share this with you. Also needed to submit something incase someone else decided to write about Christmas.

Today I had to meet a total stranger at Bedford station. Oh no, I hear you cry, Gx's back doing the internet dating thing. Wrong, this was work related, and just for the record, I only meet total strangers in pubs. Having never done this in a professional capacity before I admit to being a little nervous. The Boss decided to make a large folder displaying the chap's name, not for her to hold of course............................great plan, how could it possibly fail.

Arrived on time, passed a chap getting out of his car, no second look given, other than an admiring glance at his car, an Alfa romeo sports thing. Feeling a little braver, we wondered into the station, folder fully visible, strange glances given by passers by, but no-one came forward. Clearly the black and white office attire ensured we looked semi professional and not like two youngish girls out on the pull.

Back outside, and still no luck, only chap looking slightly lost was Mr sports car. After much, shall we, you do it, and other girlie chat, most of which I can't share with you, I decided to be brave and approach him. Yippee, success, it was our chap.

I was slightly worried, and nearly suggested an eye test, as he admitted to not seeing the large folder clearly displaying his name.
G x

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