Tuesday, November 22, 2005

2 People, 1 Gig, 2 Views, 1 Blog....Motorblog

Hi all...a good experiment today...both Lisa and Steve in a duel of words trying to describe the awesome spectacle of Motorhead live in concert....here is what took place


Sunday 20th November 2005, the place, Cambridge Corn Exchange, the event, Motorhead 30th anniversary tour.
Of course we headed straight for the bar Lisa's brother paul and i had pints of grolsch while lisa was content with diet coke, then we viewed the merchandise area where we purchased T-shirts (two each) which were put on right away so we now had three shirts on, we were still in the bar when Girlschool took to the stage, when we heard a scream of LISA!!!! and lisa said "God! it's somone i know" so we talked to him for a while it turns out it was one of lisa's ex's(can't remember his name though), after this we went into the auditorium to listen to Girlschool who were on great form blasting out all the old hits from the early eighties:- race with the devil, hit 'n' run, lets go, demolition boys and emergncy were among the highlights of a well rehearsed performance.
we hit the bar again at this point and low and behold Lisa's ex popped up again who thought he knew everything about Motorhead especially when he announced that "they are a four piece now you know" i said" i don't think so, they weren't last time i saw them" to which he said" they are cos i saw it on the tele" so i just let it go with "oh! right". In Flames were next on stage but we stayed in the bar area for most of thier set as we were not familiar with thier work but the majority of the crowd seemed happy with thier performance, after finally getting served we found lisa who said that some bloke had asked her if she had been at the liecester gig a few days earlier and she had said no why? and the guy had said that he thought he had seen her their, she then said to me that she wished she had been their cos he was gorgeous!!!!, we went back in to see the last few songs of Inflames, not my cup of tea I'm afraid.
so the plan was to stay in the hall while everyone else went to the bar, good plan as we ended up near the front and waited eagerly for motorhead to arrive on stage, judging by the amount of amps and speakers that were on stage we knew we were in for some ear bashing, Then as the roadies were setting up four microphones a voice said "see i told you thy were a four piece" Lisa said "i thought we had got rid of him" anyway the house lights dimmed and the crowd started chanting "motorhead" over and over then through the dry ice came Mickey, Phil and Lemmy and the crowd roared their approval, then Lemmy announced "Evening Cambridge, We are Motorhead and we play Rock 'n' Roll" then launched into the blitzkrieg of "Dr. Rock" at this Lisa , Paul and me found ourselves in the middle of the mosh pit, a girl in front of us was on her boyfriends shoulders at this point hanging on for dear life(bless her ) they soon were barged out of the way by some bald guy in a bandanner (me), the band went staight into "stay clean" from the overkill album after which Phil asked the crowd if it was loud enough for us to which everone said no and the volume went through the roof, halfway through the gig Lemmy said in 1983 we did an album called "Another perfect day" and the crowd applauded then lemmy said "thanks, everyone thought it was crap back then and ripped into "i got mine" the obligatory drum solo turned up in the middle of "sacrifice" an awesome performance by Mickey Dee on the drums the last song before the encore was "ace of spades" we waited a few minutes and the "trio" not a fourpiece after all returned, but not as before as we were given a acouctic performance of "Whorehouse blues" from the "inferno"album and Lemmy proclaimed "this is motorhead unplugged" the guys finished us off with a blistering rendition of "Overkill" at the end of which Lemmy removed his Rickenbacher bass and pointed at us like a machine gun then punching the back of it and left it reverbbing for about five minutes, then the lights came up and we made our way out in awe.
1. Dr Rock
2.Stay Clean
3.Killed By Death
4.Going to Brazil
6.No Class
8.In The Name Of Tradgedy
9.Just 'cos you got the power
10.Fast and Loose
11.Iron Fist
12.I got mine
13 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
15.Over the top
16.Love me like a reptile
17.Dancing on your grave
18.Ace of Spades
19.Whorehouse Blues
I think thats all of them, it was a truly fantastic gig and from a lead singer who turns 60 this week!!
see you later ......steve..x
p.s. cheers for the lift Lisa


Motorhead Day!

Well Sunday morning came bright and early, a text message from Neil just wishing me a Happy Motorhead Day. And the fact he was up and working early so I should be up too – who needs enemies when you can rely on your best friend Neil to spoil your duvet day lol.

Anyway I text back a polite reply and then went back to sleep. (ha ha) Eventually I did surface and spent the day relaxing, I did not want to over do it as it was a big night.

I set off to pick up Steve, and yes I was early (don’t all gasp – I can do early sometimes!). I knocked on the door and Steve opened it and looked the part in his leather and head attire. Just then I received another text from Neil saying have a nice time and don’t run off with any hells angels – I was tempted to text back and say that I was going with one lol.

We set off for Cambridge on the way we picked up my brother Paul. He was gushing about new Green Day – Bullet in a Bible CD with a Bonus DVD including the full set from their gig at Milton Keynes Bowl earlier in the year which he went too. (just thought I would plug that for him and say Happy Birthday and hoped you liked your present the Motorhead Ticket.

Anyway we arrived and parked at Lion Yard and then came out to see the queue it was long, and it a very cold night. Paul and Steve went to get the tickets and I waited in the queue. They soon came back with the `golden tickets` and we waited in line, the people queuing were a mixture of young and old. The young not even old enough to have been around when Motorhead started 30 years ago who can believe that this was there 30th Anniversary Gig and that Lemmy was nearing 60! Lemmy and the boys got the best reviews of their career for last year's fantastic "Inferno" album. This year they were awarded a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

While in the queue we watched the weird and the wonderful walk past and get in line, a guy was handing out leaflets we must have looked like we needed these leaflets as he duly handed them out, and we duly dropped them on the floor. As we were nearing the front of the queue a man comes from round the corner and asks if we are standing or sitting! dumb question I think as I am obviously standing frozen to the spot. After establishing that he means inside the hall we say standing, and he tells us to step forward. He then moves along the queue and a crowd of people behind start to get in line behind us. He then comes back to us and says `follow me` and its like the scene from the Pied Piper, as we all dutifully follow him round the front of the corn exchange and down an alley. At this point we wonder if we have been duped until we see the doors open ahead and realise we are getting into the gig quicker than the long queue left behind!

We are in and head straight to the bar where we need something to warm the cockles that have been frozen queuing outside. 3 drinks and short change of a tenner later and we realise we are at a gig.

We are not in there long when the first band strikes up `Girlschool` they were very good got the crowd going and told us all to log on there website http://www.girlschool.co.uk/

The next band on were In Flames a band hailing from Sweden they were loud and thrashy but very good they have an album coming out next year as they informed us at the end.

Then we waited for the main act giant Marshall stacks appeared and then a massive drum kit – Steve had warned me that these were the loudest group I would ever hear and Lemmy has been quoted as saying "Is it loud enough for ya? I don't wanna hurt your ears, I wanna destroy them completely."

We decided to get near the front, but not too near as we did not want to end up in the Mosh Pit. Having found a good spot we, (I have to just mention the couple in front of us who did nothing but grope and snog each other while we were waiting get a room and other things sprung to mind). The lights dim, and the music started. And then all hell broke loose, we were caught right in the middle of the mosh, and being bounced around. We managed to take a few steps back for fear of being trampled on, and I can`t describe how loud it was it was mind blowingly loud it just reverberated around your body, you heart was pounding, your legs were vibrating it was truly awesome. The smooching couple then became one, when he promptly put her on his shoulders. For a moment panic came as I thought I might get flattened if she fell off his shoulders but a few good shoves from people behind and they disappeared into the mosh and she was last seen flailing around all hair and sparkly jewellery. (Bless)

Lemmy just looked exactly the same as he had done over the past 30 years, although his hair is slightly darker. The set was brilliant old songs and new from their latest album Inferno. There was even an amazing acoustic version of Whorehouse Blues. Overkill went on forever and an amazing drum solo from Mikkey Dee which just went on and on. Lemmy and Phil Campbell went off stage only to reappear some time later with fags on the go!
Lemmy came out with some classic lines ` if you dance to this you will have trouble having kids later in life` and `this is for every bastard world leader and politician` and then launches into Just because you have the power doesn’t mean you got the right. By now my ears were buzzing – half empty plastic cups of some golden colour liquid were being launched around and the sweat was pouring off Steve and Paul who had bought t-shirts and then put them on so they did not lose them. Wearing 3 t-shirts and leather not a good combination.

Sadly like all good things it came to an end. One encore and a brilliant rendition on Ace of Spades and then we were heading back to the Car Park and home.

Thanks Steve and Paul for a fantastic night – and next time lets take Claire xx

If I have missed anything out Steve please leave a good comment xx

Lisa xx


Anonymous said...

Wow I knew Steve would remember all the songs - I had forgotten about the ex thanks for the reminder Steve lol

What a gig though lets do it again soon Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Wow I knew Steve would remember all the songs - I had forgotten about the ex thanks for the reminder Steve lol

What a gig though lets do it again soon Lisa xx

3Steel said...

oh i forgot about the guy who fell from the sky lol, and the pizza was fab

Anonymous said...

You only missed out one thing Lisa!
Glad to have you working normal hours. Gx

mcaretaker said...

Great Blog you two. Oliver Emailed me to say it was a great night and what an amazing drum solo in the middle of Sacrifice. The crowd he was with there was ten of them sound like they were on the oposite side of the hall to you. He caught the bass players pick and now has it blutacked to his wall. Ahhh youth.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great timexxxxxxxx Lauren

Anonymous said...

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