Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An important message...

Hi all, as Gina has not sent a blog this week I have bought Lisas forward by a day as I felt it was quite an important message...perhaps we will hear from Gina tomorrow...

Not a light hearted blog this week but I just felt it had to be said this week is anti-bullying week and I just wanted to say a few words as even if no one leaves a comment Neil’s blog has gone over 1000 visitors so this may make a difference to one….

5 things u need2know

· Bullying thrives on silence; people who are being bullied often feel there is nothing to be gained by speaking out against someone who bullies others, therefore allowing it to continue.

· Trying to ignore bullying doesn't always work, but sometimes people get bored if you're indifferent to their teasing.

· If you try and note down instances of when you're being bullied, it can help you if you decide to talk to someone about your situation. Take down details such as when and where you were bullied, what was said or done and who was doing it.

People who get bullied often think they've done something wrong, but it's the person doing the bullying who has the problem.

If you bully others, you should talk to someone you trust to see how you can express what's going on in other ways, before things go too far and a complaint is made against you.

Imagine living with a bully all the time, but being too scared to leave.
Imagine being afraid to go to sleep at night, being afraid to wake in the morning
Imagine being denied food, warmth or sleep
Imagine being punched, slapped, hit, bitten, pinched and kicked.
Imagine being pushed, shoved, burnt, strangled, raped, and beaten.
Imagine having to watch everything you do or say in case it upsets the person you live with – or else you will be punished.
Imagine having to seek permission to go out, to see friends or your family or to give your child a treat.
Imagine being a prisoner in your own home - imagine being timed, when you go out to the shops, or constantly being phoned when you are out to check up on you.
Imagine that you believe what they tell you – that it’s your fault. That if only you were a better mother, father, lover, housekeeper, kept your mouth shut, could only keep the children quiet, dressed how they liked you to, kept in shape, gave up your job – some how things would be better.
Imagine that you don’t know where to get help, what to do, or how to leave.
Imagine being woken in the middle of the night to be shown that the remote control or towels are not where they should be and being told how useless you are.
Imagine that you can’t face the shame of admitting what’s really going on to family or friends.
Imagine the threats if you dare to say you will leave. How could you find the strength to leave? Will you ever be safe?
Imagine being told that you are lucky that they stay with you because no one else would have you because you are worthless and you should be grateful.
Imagine threats to find and kill you and the children wherever you go.
Imagine permanent injury and sometimes death…………………

Lisa x


Anonymous said...

Let's hope this message gives at least one person the courage to seek help. We know there is help out there, the difficult part is trying to convince people things can be better, and they are not worthless. Gx

3Steel said...

bullies are cowards that pick on people to hide thier own inaqdequecies!, do not let them rule you, speak out and get support and they will never win.

piddy77 said...

even i shall join in with this one...the government is not doing enough to stop kids from becoming bullies at an early age...the haves and have nots still exist as they did back in Victorian times. It is time that the government took steps to further educate parents about dealing with situations within the family unit and also gave teachers back the power to deal with abuse and intolerance within the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Whilst you make a good point Piddy77 it is not down to the government all they can do is advise. Parents are solely to blame for their little treasures becoming bullies and if a parent has been reared in that background themselves little is going to change until the cycle is broken. But that does not change until the bully realises what they are doing and that is the problem how do you get that message across.

Those who have been bullied must speak out and Headteachers and those responsible for care must listen.

Lisa writes very eloquently on the subject and what she has written certainly should reach someone.

Anonymous said...
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