Monday, November 28, 2005

jesus wept, it's my turn to blog again!

now what information to impart today... I read a survey today which stated that 67 % of women would cheat on their husbands, 47% of men would cheat on their wives, 85% of gay men would cheat on their partners and 32% of lesbians would cheat on what is it with the lesbians, why do they find true happiness when finding a matching muff partner? I can believe the gay male bit as it is a very fickle life to lead, you're okay until something better walks round the corner. What I thought was terrific was the amount of women cheating on their go girls!...what's happened have you all discovered sex in the desperate housewives city or what...that is an incredible total and should make all the straight man feel very happy although only 47% of them would be really ecstatic! i would like to hear from some of you married ladeeeez and tell me why you would look outside the cookie jar when the fresh ones are inside?...

I really don't believe what some people do for sex kicks!...the latest one i have heard of is called 'peckophilia' and's where someone gets off by birds pecking them whilst they toss one of the wrist or tip the velvet!...the idea is that they put bird seed or food on their genitalia and the birds peck it off...easy as that, instant gratification!...good grief whatever next!

I discovered a long lost friend today, my mate Glen from Poland...its a long story as he was going through a personal crisis in his life, trying to bring up 2 children at the same time..he reached out for help and i chose to turn away, not the greatest decision of my life and one that i regretted ever since. He's a really talented musician and i decided to do a search on his name to see if he was okay...this led to his email addy and i took the bull by the horns and wrote an email of apology on the understanding that he need not reply...10 minutes later..whizz through the system and an email i have made tentative steps to recover our friendship and hopefully he forgives me for not being there for him at the time....lets hope that he's back from the feels good to apologise...sometimes!


Anonymous said...

nice blog x

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that although things in your life are not all fab and rosie you can still make other smile.
I was not surprised by the stats except the men cheating on wives, I feel it is probably higher or do I just meet the 47%.
Glad you have found Glen, let's hope you can rebuilt a friendship and support each other in times of need. Gx

mcaretaker said...

We all make mistakes in life, the think to do is constantly tell yourself your right, remember other are at fault and remember to spend all your money on yourself. Self indulgence is the best way lol.(joke)On another point was one of Glen's options to bring up his kids one at a time. Perhaps he leave the one not growing in a draw until its time to begin.