Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Friday I'm in love....

hi peeps

nice blog from matt yesterday...appealed to my love of gadgets...i tell you what if they invented an automatic sock remover i would be first in the queue...i love technology, things that go whoosh beep and ping are so sexy and a must have ...i think it must be some sort of boy thing...women would come up with a practical hands on answer to a problem whereas men would cogitate and think "I wonder if we could make something that could do this"...i suppose thats why its all men in charge of the biggest technology companies in the world! tee hee...

Great albums are like buses, you wait for ages and then come along three...yes it's Neils Big Music Review time!

1. Kate Bush - Aerial....

A welcome comeback for the angel of musical's a bit sombre at times but the second disc tone poem is just simply amazing probably have heard about the washing machine song but there is more to it than that...truly, i speak no lies...Kate is on fine form and her voice has never sounded better...the production as you would expect is fantastic, after all it has taken 12 years to produce the product from scratch. I do wonder if the little minx has left it a bit too late to capture a new audience. Back to disc 2, the tone poem seems to be a paean to a typical english summer countryside scene from dawn to dusk..kate appears to turn into a bird at the end whilst mimicking the call of one of her 'furry friends' all sounds very odd when you write about it, but please give it a try, you really won't be disappointed.

2. Madonna - Confessions on a dancefloor

My god, when this woman does something she does it well...this album truly is amazing. Madonna has once again been reborn as the electro dance queen of the 00's. The album starts with an extra long version of the majestical abba hybrid single, then throughout the album the pulse and beats get stronger and stronger. Its a really anthemic album which should keep parties and dance floors throbbing into future months. Madonna also touches on the subject of Kabbala with her lyrics and aramaic influenced musical traits. Go and buy this ..or download it! now.

3. Cyndi Lauper - Acoustic Body

Enough to say that Cyndi's back once more, this time the album is a collaboration with different artists on new and improved versions of her back catalogue. Faves like 'Time after Time' and 'True Colours' are finally transformed into the songs that Cyndi probably wanted to release originally. Personal fave is a beautiful new version of 'She Bop' which has been taken down to an almost slow motion reply but it works terrifically. If you love Cyndi's voice you must hear this album...not bad for a 50 year old!

Well that's about it for today...i shall leave you to your listening pleasure and hopefully return on Monday with Part 3 of 'My Kingdom'...

Steve is away this weekend so will not be providing a blog but if someone else wants to have a go please email me as soon as possible..thanx

Neil x

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mcaretaker said...

I agree about music few subjects can be so broad and involve so many valid opinions and get so many pub night conversations going.