Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm pleading on my knees now folks!...

Boy oh boy...after feeling pretty ill for a week now it's really getting me down...the good news is I feel as if i have started to pick up this evening...after nearly passing out at lunchtime blood sugar just went haywire and dropped to about a 3.1 level (for those who don't know it should average around 5-7)...I was hastily escorted upstairs to the flat where i took my two lumps of sugar and toast...i normally can tell what my body is doing but it seems to be all over the place at the mo..the trouble was that i was in a really interesting meeting but missed the last bit when i went grey, sweaty and shaky!, hopefully gina can fill me in on that.

Been watching some good films recently...'In her shoes', very much a chick flick but really good performances from cameron diaz, toni collette and shirley maclaine..passes two hours away quite nicely especially snuggled into a faux fur throw with a hot water bottle for good measure!...'Saw 2' this is just plain nasty! but deliciously entertaining, those of you who saw the first one know what you are in for...a really good horror film that leaves itself open again for another sequel (yay!)...'Howl's moving castle' this is a wonderful japanese cartoon by the guy who made 'spirited away'...forget the disney stuff, this is really where it's at, it's beautifully rendered and leads you into a wonderful world of 'proper' it to the kids or watch it yourselves, i really can't reccomend this enough.

Lets talk about feet...i was chatting the other night to a guy on the net and he had a thing about personally i hate feet and all things about them...i hate playing with feet or having my feet played with..but this guy really got off on asking me what i was wearing (shoe wise!), so i told him i had a pair of Joe Brown loafers on, the italian cut with thick broccaide laces (i lied!)...I won't repeat what he replied but he obviously enjoyed the image! wasn't long before he stopped messaging and i suppose he had 'finished' but i just thought that this was dead it me or does anybody else get sexual gratification from shoes? this why ladies have lots of pairs?...fantasising over each slip on pump and heel...what the hells it all about?

Just a message to the 'blog family members'..please all try your hardest to provide a blog this week...don't worry if you think it's crap because your crap is other peoples that an old saying or did i just make that up? hopefully tomorrow we will have a blog from Gina, Wednesday from Lisa, Thursday from Matty, Friday from me again and Saturday from Steve, lets hope for the best!...does anybody at all want a sunday slot?...hope to hear from you

Neil x


mcaretaker said...

I think you hit the tail right on the head when you said women and shoes. Follow one around a shoe shop and it will make most blokes feel quite inadquate. I don't get any sexual gratification from feet but getting them massaged at the end of a hard day beats most things. Wash them first though.

Anonymous said...

I thought your exit was well timed, everything was begining to draw to a close. For me the only thing I could focus on was a visit to the factory and the promise of a night out in Newcastle. Lynne is already planning we should go up on a Friday morning and return sometime Monday.
Shoes or a man..... I think you all know the answer to that one!
Just for the record, I blog on Wednesdays, did sent a rather rushed one last week as I thought the Xmas theme was here to stay, maybe Neil did not receive it or deleted it by mistake, after all he was poorly. Gx