Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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It is estimated that there are now 58,300 individuals currently living with HIV in the UK, over a third of whom (19,700) are unaware of their condition. HIV rates continue to climb. Newly diagnosed cases reported for 2004 stand at 7,275. There is a continuing epidemic among the homosexual community accounting for approximately 2,185, or 30%, of new diagnoses in 2004. The main increase, however, is among heterosexuals, the majority of whom probably acquired the virus in Africa, with 4,287 new diagnoses in 2004, accounting for 59% of all new diagnoses. Injecting drug use and mother-to-children transmission continue to remain low, accounting for about 100 cases each in 2004.

HIV diagnoses remain highest in London, with 46% of all diagnoses made in England occurring in the capital. The number of cases diagnosed in London has increased by 34% between 2000 and 2004. However it should be remembered that people often travel to London from other towns for testing and treatment because there are established specialised services in London, so these statistics do not give an accurate view of the number of people living with HIV in London. Other areas with a higher prevalence of HIV cases are Brighton and Manchester.

Despite the advancements in medical technology, HIV diagnoses have again begun to increase. These increases parallel increases in other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies across the UK. Unless safer sex messages are heeded, the UK could again see an increasing level of HIV transmission.

In 2005, over 3 million people acquired HIV, which means there are now over 40 million people living with HIV and AIDS. Despite best efforts from governments, non-profit organisations and healthcare practitioners around the world, HIV and AIDS is still having a huge impact in the world.

Over 40 million people are living with HIV
In 2004 there were:4.9 million new infections – 640,000 of them children under 153.1 million AIDS-related deaths2.2 million children under 15 living with HIV/AIDS

Ok a serious blog again this week but it is World Aids Day on Thursday 1 December and I think it has relevance in the society we live in today. Sadly people are still dying of ignorance, thinking it will never happen to them. Especially among the young, it’s the last thing on their minds when they meet someone. Wearing a condom is not a hip thing anymore and the last thing on their mind with a one-night stand apparently.

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