Saturday, November 19, 2005

through a glass darkly....

Good morning, afternoon or evening, I must confess to being a little hungover as i write this after getting through three bottles of red and a botte of cava with niel last night oh!and two big bags of nobby,s nuts. well after reading piddy,s blog last night i decided to invite him over for drinks with Claire and myself, and what a good night it was with some cool music :- Blackmore's Night, Deep Purple, Roger Waters, a track from Judas Priest and the Bis Ans Ende Der Welt soundtrack. Edward and me were just having a laugh about Claire's collection of cuddly toys and then he goes and sticks the knife in by saying "this one is fat! you!!!, Kids eh!. Anyway, back to last night, the classic comment from last night was when we were talking about musical instruments, Claire said " Colin at work likes to go to the music shop and play a Lesbo Custom Guitar" to which Neil replied "I bet that takes some fingering!!" I nearly choked on me nuts at that, we finished off the evening with a few scenes from the Baz Lurman film Moulin Rouge on very loud as we have no nieghbours at the moment YES the students did not return after the holidays (good riddance to bad rubbish), Talking of bad rubbish my lexmark printer has decided not to print in colour anymore now i have done all the maintainence like cleaning the nozzles aligning the heads and tried to print umpteen test pages but not one drop of ink is being left on the page can any of you computer brainiacs out there assist me in my problem or do i need to invest in a new printer! any help would be most appreciated.
Neil got me with this yesterday:- what is the connection between winnie the pooh and Alexander the great? answers in the comment section please! it drove me mad for a few minutes well hours.
I had a special request from the blogmaster last night to revisit my life story on the blog, what do you think?, should I? or was it getting a bit stale and uninteresting?
let me know what you think and i'll get the memory working overtime again if you want!
well tomorrow is world Motorhead day and Lisa and myself will be celebrating this event in cambridge tomorrow night i can't wait! supporting them on stage will be Girlschool and swedish rockers In Flames so should be a good show and we will be deaf on monday!!!!!!!. see you later, Steve.......x
sorry it's a bit short but i have a terrible headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, all that red wine and I've missed out!
I'm smiling as I'm reading the blog, it's great that we are friends and we care about each other.....shit, shit, and bloody shit, I'm sounding really sentimental now! Love you all Gx

mcaretaker said...

Hate to say it but I know more people who have had trouble with Lexmark's than any other printer. Cut your loses and buy an Epson.There more reliable the ink is cheaper from 'choice stationary .com'.If you would like to print photos try the D68 at £43 or the R220 gives great results with seperate ink tanks at £68 both off the shelf from Staples.