Friday, November 11, 2005

This is the state of the UK...

Well...its quarter to three on Friday morning, and do you know why i'm up at quarter to three Friday morning...let me tell you..

I have been off work since Wednesday with flu like symptons and also a possible UTI (urinary tract infection) (sorry mum that I haven't told you i'm not well if you read this before i talk to you!)...I phoned the doctor yesterday because I was in a lot of discomfort and I got the usual story of "the earliest appointment i have is Monday" I thought okay, i know what to do, drink lots of fluids and suffer i did, but tonight is a different story, I can't lie down without wanting to go for a pee (and by now I am distraught because of lack of sleep) and I have a dull ache in the one big kidney that I have. I decided to phone NHS Direct, got through and listened to some elevator music while they told me all the operators were busy...a couple of minutes go by and a nice chap answers and goes through preliminary details...he then tells me a nurse will ring back within 30 minutes...2 minutes later a nurse phones back who is terrific and understanding...after having gone through medical history she is quite concerned and tells me she will pass it on to 'Beddoc' (a new idea where they have a central place manned by a local doctor 24 hours) and she wishes me well...2 minutes go by again and the doctor phones who is a young guy who sounds totally disinterested and tells me to drink lots of fluid, go to the loo when i have to and then (and this is the good bit) "pop and see your doctor tomorrow"...there we go, full fucking useful is that. It wasn't NHS Direct's fault, they were great and it was quite comforting talking to a nurse but thats where the good service stopped...If doctors won't come out to you or somehow prescribe something over the phone, then what are they there for?

So thats why I am sitting here at 2.55am with a sleepless night in store...looks like i might have to die first before someone comes out!

On a lighter note, am looking forward to next Thursday as myself, Lisa, Matt and Marie are off to the BBC (in London, no less !) to see Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones reform for a couple of TV specials. I used to love watching Alas Smith and Jones when I was younger and i hope that they don't dissapoint. Full details on next Fridays blog.

Well thats it for another week then, no pub night tonight for me, so I wish you all fun and happiness and speak to you soon.

Neil x


Anonymous said...

I'm up early myself this morning, so thought I would log on(missed out last night, fell asleep at 8pm).
Interesting blog from Matt, But I can't manage to read thru the comments-sorry.
Hey an entry from Neil, great I'm thinking, he's up early, must be feeling better and ready for a days work and a night of drinking...wrong. I realised very quickly that you are still unwell. Good to hear positive comments about your experience with NHS direct, shame it goes wrong as soon as you talk to a Dr!
One tip given to me by an ex NHS direct employee. Don't use the 0845 number, use the number supplied by your Dr's, you should receive a quicker service, but clearly it does not improve your chances of getting a Dr to visit.
Text if you need anything Neil. Gx

mcaretaker said...

I don't recomend the dying option if I remember correctly dying is one step on from unwell and a bit more permenant.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are ill. get better soon lots of love Laurenxxxxx