Monday, October 10, 2005

two lips from hamster jam...

better late than never thats what i say.
day two soon arrived on our amsterdam trip but when we awoke it seemed to be late afternoon!!, not to be disheartened we made our way to a local flea market at the waterlooplien it seemed to be offering anything for sale from designer clothes to porno videos, i personally opted to go for some silver rings, a rather distressed leather jacket and some new boots, john on the other hand went for the porn and tony went for designer clothes and small antique things. we then decided to get a bit of culture and went to a museum but on the way we found an alternative option, the hash museum it was choc a block with every kind of weed you could imagine also all the different gizmo's you can use to smoke the stuff aswell, but what i found most interesting was all the things people would use to smuggle dope in like fake drinks cans and deodourant sprays and lighters. then we went really highbrow and took in the sex museum and was nearly sick when we went in the STD section otherwise it was quite a good laugh. after this we found a bar which was run by an american lady we stayed for a few pints of amstel and played pool with some ex pats who were out on the lash having just finished work, i got talking to a chap at the bar( who was yet another american) about his tattos as he was covered in them and somehow while we were talking i knocked his drink over him, i was totally apologetic and offered to by him another but he declined and left saying "oh man i look like i pissed my pants" the evening was taken up with a walk through the red light area taking in some coffee shops like my way , prix d'ami and fancy free to name but a few and we finished the night off at sheba next to our hotel.
we got up early the next day as we had to check out of the hotel so we just hung around in Dam square for most of the day watching the street performers and feeding the pidgeons, did see one funny thing though, this bin wagon was reversing down a street which was quite narrow and had lots of bicycles along one side and to get out of the street he just crushed about twelve bikes we were in stitches looking at this the driver just looked at us and shrugged his shoulders!.
our bus was due to leave at 430 in the afternoon and as was only 1130 am i suggested that we go and get some food but the others were not bothered and just wanted to sit at the bus stop so off i went on my own to a pizza place and had lunch, afterwards i decided to go to the cinema to pass on an hour or two half way through the film there was an intermission and onto the stage to my astonishment arrived these two naked women with vibrators and proceeded to pleasure themselves and each other for about thirty minutes, i just could not believe my eyes, the film then came back on. when it was over i made my way back to the bus stop where the bus had arrived early and tony and john were already on board, the driver, who by the way was a distant relative of adolf hitler proclaimed there will be no drinking or smoking or anything illegal on my bus anybody who breaks this rule will be asked to leave the bus, so we were in for a great trip home, we stopped at a service station on the belgian dutch border and everyone got off for a smoke, driver said "five minutes and the bus will leave and if you are not on board you will be left behind" so we all got back on as soon as we had finished our cigs, when we get back to blighty and go through customs yours truly gets stopped and asked if i had anything to declare to which i said "no" they did not believe me so they searched my bag and found no contraband still not satisfied they ask me into a private room and ask if they could search my clothes i said ok so they take my jacket and look through all the pockets same with my jeans,shoes and socks but they found nothing because i did not have anything, at victoria in london while waiting for our connection john was stopped by the police and searched but to no avail, tony was the only one not to get stopped, all in all a very short and tiring trip but it certainly was an adventure!!!!!. see you later steve....x


Anonymous said...

Sounds quite tame for you Steve, once again good read. Gx

3Steel said...

sorry its tame, i dont like to give it all away