Saturday, October 15, 2005

Time out with Steve...

interesting day off on thursday, firstly i had a problem with the air con in the car, so i popped the car round to a local electrics garage, where the problem was quickly found, the air con/heater resister had burnt out!, so i said that i would have a look on the internet for a cheap replacement, after looking at a few sites i realised that it was not going to be cheap, so in the end i went to the local fiat dealerships parts department, taking the broken resister with me, the spares dept. guy looked at the resister and just by the way he sucked in the air i knew i was in for a bit of a shock, i said should i sit down for this, he was busily typing on his computer and came back with a price and what a price, namely £101.86, so after i got up off the floor i reluctantly handed over my flexible friend and left feeling a little sick. so that was my morning taken up nicely (not), i suppose i could have had a decent day out for that price!.
on a happier note i went to the livingstone lower school harvest festival in the afternoon, it was great to see edward joining in with all the singing and poetry reading, he had really been looking forward to it and had worked very hard learning his lines, so i thought i would share his class' poem with you.

Onions and mushrooms,
potatoes for chips,
tomatoes, bananas and
apples with pips;

Stick beans and broad beans
and beans in a tin,
blackcurrants so juicy
they run down your chin;

Cornflakes for breakfast
and mangoes for tea,
Come to our harvest
and give thanks with me.

after the singing and poetry, the children came round with buckets for a collection, all proceeds of which were being donated to the south asian earthquake appeal and by the look of things they had collected quite a lot, as one little boy need help to carry his bucket!!
Off to the end of season cricket dinner tonight (friday) and hopefully i should get another trophy for my bowling performances this year, as i had quite a good season with the ball taking 31 wickets at an average of 17.23, i won't get one for batting this year but i did improve on last years performance scoring 501 runs this year including one fifty and three scores in the high forty's so i am quite happy wth the batting this year.

i thought we might have a music quiz to finish just for fun, its name that tune from the first line of a song!!

1. back when i was young and they were talking at me!
2. ever since i was a young boy i played the silver ball!
3.i was born under a bad sign! my life in this cold hell!
5.i'm in the phone booth it's the one across the hall!
6is it getting better?or do you feel the same? after day love turns grey, like the skin of a dying man!
8. teenage dreams so hard to beat
9.she's got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain
10.this romeo is bleeding but you can't see his blood!


mcaretaker said...

Just without thinking to hard.
2. Pin Ball wizard
5. Hanging on the telphone line.
8. John Peel's fav, Teenage Kicks

Must put thinking cap on now for the rest. later

Anonymous said...

1 Stiff Little Fingers – At the Edge
2 The Who – Pinball Wizard
3 Cream/Jimi Hendrix/ Eric Clapton – Born under a bad sign
5 Hanging on the telephone – Blondie
6 One – u2
7 One of my turns – Pink Floyd
8 Teenage Kicks – the Undertones
9 Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n Roses
10 Always – Jon Bon Jovi

:) Lisa

piddy77 said...

methinks lisa has been searching on google lol...i can't get number 4 either

Anonymous said...

I know no:4, but then Steve knew I would Gx

Anonymous said...

No:4 Picture/I put your picture away.
Living my life in the cold hell
Different girl every night in the hotel
I aint seen the sunshine in 3 dam days

Can't remember the artist, and still waiting for another copy, managed to wear mine out Gx

3Steel said...

Lisa, number 3 is acyually "fool for your lovin'" by whitesnake
and number 4 is " picture" by kid rock and sheryl crowe.
Gina, i had to put that in so that you could get at least one right lol.