Monday, October 03, 2005


Hi all...really excited to say congratulations to my soul partner lisa who has managed to secure herself another lovely job today...champagne all round methinks!

what to write about today?...this weather is really getting me down since we returned from holiday, it's so grey and miserable...i always said when i was younger that at this time in my life i would not be living in England wrong could I be, i feel trapped here now when all i want to do is run off to the quickly developing Sinai coast and open a bar or manage a bar for someone with a bit of an investment quandry...really, the place is going to be huge in the next five years with all the major hotel chains building like there is no anyone reading this with an extra 30,000 to spare can send it my way..i'm fully trained with the British institute of Innkeepers and have Lisa who i'm sure would be a very reliable asset as they 'like em big' out there! (no offence meant!)...c'mon folks, let the money roll know you want to!

Have been watching 'Lost' like mad over the weekend now i am the proud owner of the complete series on's bloody marvellous and really well written...some suprising twists and turns going on in the it, you really must! this point though I am hoping that they are going to start solving some of the mysteries rather than keep adding to them ad infinitum...I am having a bit of trouble remembering the unsolved things from about 5 episodes about senior moments!

It's my Mums birthday today..the big 70..and i just wanted to publicly say how much she means to me and I don't think I would have got through life without listening to her advice and her patient talks when things got I love you and Happy Birthday x

The strangest of events is occuring, you remember I told you about my brother in law having a secret life and walking out on my sister...well...the bastard left the other woman that he was living with in Luton and now my sister and this woman have become really good surreal is that! turns out he told so many lies to this other woman, telling her that my sister was adopted and god knows what else that they now have some sort of weird affinity with each other...i always thought my sister was a bit odd but I shall wait to see what happens with great interest...i wonder how many more secret families my brother in law has...nobody knows where he is or i bovvered!

Lisa is kindly taking me to an appointment on Saturday which is at the new Sureslim wellness's a South African concept which deals with dieting on a 1 to 1 basis based on blood test results and a personal eating plan. It is expensive but once you have paid you can keep going to the 1 to 1 sessions until you reach your goal weight whereas with the other slimming clubs you keep paying and paying. I have been reading some of the internet forums and it seems to be really worthwhile with normal people losing a reported 30lbs in two months without starvation. No weird substances or potions, just healthy eating...sounds good to me...its just that handing over of 390 pounds that might hurt a bit ! I have to do something as 21 stones is not a good size for anybody...i will let you know how my free taster session goes...more soon

Neil x


mcaretaker said...

Dearest mate please don't take this the wrong way but if you are even contemplating spending £390+ at a sliming club I think the money would be better spent on a shrink. You dont need to spend money to lose weight its the self disaplin and confidence you need, both of which you can't buy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lisa!
As I read the blog all I want to know is how much would this cost. Honest reaction, f**king hell, but I won't knock it. You are mature and sensible(until you have had a drink!) all I will say is keep me updated and good luck. Oh, one last thing, can I interest you in any additional work? Love you, because you are you! Gx