Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The return of the lisa!

Firstly apologies for not providing a blog last week but there was a lot going on in the job front but now I can put that behind me having passed with flying colours!

Well what a great week we had for blogs – sorry I have not commented on many but have only been able to read them and not make comments if you know what I mean

I have to say that the men seem to have raised their game and gave us some outstanding and quite brilliant reading Matt’s blog was a hoot and even in this day of PC gone mad I have to agree any country that can vote in GWB must be low in the gene pool of life.

Both Neil and Steve have left out palates wanting more both were brilliant and all of them hidden talents.

Neil’s reminisce about what if was brilliant and made me think about my life. When I left school I was sent on a YTS scheme and was very lucky my first placement was working in a Day care Centre with babies and young toddlers I would help out with playtime, toileting all the good bits. My second placement was working as a Clerk to the Justice in a Magistrates Court I loved this job very much and the boss at the time had told the lady who ran the YTS scheme that I attended that he was very keen to keep me on. But my life took another turn my parents had brought a bakery shop and house in the beautiful village of Buckden. My parents wanted me to help them run the shop and this is where my life changed my life may have been so much different had I not gone to work for my parents. I would have probably stayed working in the Magistrates Court and would probably never have moved to Bedford or ended up in the direction that I went. I certainly would not have met my ex and who knows maybe I would have been married with kids!

Do I have regrets about the path my life took No I always think there is a reason behind it and I would not have met all the people I know and love now. I love my life yes sometimes I have the odd pang of wanting to share a moment with someone special but my life seems too full sometimes to fit me into it! I know that some would say that I fill my life up to compensate for what I don’t have but at the moment I love just being ME!

Lisa x


Anonymous said...

How many years have we known each other and I'm still learning things about you.
Glad you managed to post an entry tonight. Don't worry I won't tell anyone it was a rush job at 16.30!
We must both be experiencing similar things at the moment....my blog included the line "I love me, just because I'm me". Gx

Anonymous said...

great blog Lisa, glad you moved to Bedford otherwise I wouldn't have met you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLauren