Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...and in the distance all you could hear was 'splat'...

Hi All

Urgent help required from all my friends, can anyone suggest where I can obtain cheap car insurance.(may i suggest ?...blogmaster) My quote for this year comes in at just under £400, ok, so it includes protected no claims and breakdown cover(forgot I had this!), but surely at my age, with no convictions and I drive less than 5k a year it seems a little expensive. I have tried but I am reluctant to sign up with a company I have never heard of. Asking a lot I know, but suggestions from 40+ females, or men in the know, would be most welcome. Maybe we could do a mini survey, how much does your car insurance cost you?

By the time you read this I will have been ciggie free for 8 days and 9 hours. I'm feeling fantastic, and this time I really want to succeed. As Friday is fast approaching I am aware that the temptation maybe too much, but the vivid memory of smoking whilst wearing a nicotine patch is still firmly with me, so fingers crossed I remain on track.

Usually at this time of the year I begin to go into a deep depression, Christmas is fast approaching(it's only October and they have managed to erect the Xmas lights in town) I also hate the winter months, but this year seems different, why? I feel as if spring is just around the corner. Nothing in my life has changed, I'm still single(out of choice), but I am feeling great. Will the big low hit when I least expect it, or have the events of this year made me realise I am truely happy just being me, at long last I love me, just because I'm me! Probably talking a load of crap, but happy doing so. See you all Friday. Gx

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mcaretaker said...

Dont give up. Being fag free is fantastic. Friday will be a dodal its all about will power. Also glad to see your loving yourself. I have always thought the only opinion about you that matters is your own.