Wednesday, October 12, 2005

tasty morsels of Gx energy...

New job started last week, that means no more getting up at 04.45, life should be easy, but I am finding it really difficult to try and establish a routine. Monday, I was late dropping 7yr old off, late for work and late getting home. Tuesday, it was the opposite, early dropping off, early for work and then an early finish(not complaining about that). Help required on how to organise myself now I'm working normal hours! Must be getting used to "normal" hours, managed to oversleep this Monday, I will, in future set my alarm clock.

I need to have a little moan about an energy supplier. For the past 4 years they have insisted on sending mum an estimated bill(every quarter) for a gas supply she does not use. After numerous phone calls during this time to try and stop these bills, I have finally flipped and emailed a complaint. I had to smile when I visited their website, it said "we are pleased to announce that we are the proud winners of the 2004 National Customer Service Award for e-commerce customer service, for our paperless billing solution". Maybe they should spread this news throughout the organisation, I'm hoping other departments to follow their lead. They also promised a quick response to my complaint, 5 days later and I'm still waiting.

I haven't talked about men/relationships for a while so I here goes. For the past 9+ months I have been friends with a really nice chap, he's single, solvent and in his early 40's, not bad looking and is a real gent. From the start he said he wanted to date me, great, very flattered, but not interested................why, oh bloody why! He has been my rock throughout this year, he phones, texts, does all the right things at the right time, makes me laugh, brightens up a dull day(not having many of those lately), and is just perfect in every way, so why do I just want to be friends? (help needed from wise old friends) I once thought I had a barrier, that stopped me wanting to get close to anyone, but I have realised that this is not the case, there is no barrier, maybe I am just very selfish and lazy, not wanting to consider others. Honest reply's/thoughts would be most welcome.

Well that's about it for this week, I had thought about including some other stuff but Sharon has made me stop and think about how much of my life I should post on here.

Lastly(and you may wish to exclude this, Neil) thanks for sharing the holiday secret with me, my lips are sealed(that's until I have had a pint or two), but I'm afraid the mind is in overdrive, occassionally an image just pops into my head and really makes me smile! Be happy, Gx

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mcaretaker said...

Gina you will get in deep shit. Its not a new job is it.Some people get awful sniffy about these things. Just take a leaf out of your bosses book she is the most organised normal person I know.
Ps Free advise on anything in the pub this Friday after two or three pints.