Friday, October 07, 2005

a message from dysfunctional land..

I received the following email from my sister this morning...I will not comment on it as i am grown up! lol...

"Thanks for that comment N really shows how grown up you are, being as you never get in touch anyway unless you want something , I dont think it really matters either way , but as I put it if what you wrote was tongue in cheek (then say so!) (no it wasn't...end of) and meant to be funny then fine (as proven by me not everyone reads things in the way you expect them too) but if you want to take the hump at everything that is said to you about your jottings then go ahead.

As your website is open to everyone to view which is why I am concerned at some of the things you all say on there particularly about family, then you should be aware of that, I personally dont like people commenting on how I live my life!
(This is written by the woman who told me to write about my ex brother in laws deeds so the whole world would know what he had done!)Unless its family within four walls and not people I have never met before. ( I asked a couple of work colleagues to see if they could find it without me giving them the address and they could. And their view was the same some of your comments on your site are very borderline!)

Yes your sister is a stuffy old cow but over the past 3 years too many people have had a say in what goes on in my world and I am temperamental as to who now knows whats going on in it. Just because I find I have made a new friend all be it my husbands ex its not up to you to comment lots of people find themselves in the same situation. You have all your buddies around you not all of us are so lucky and perhaps its time you started acting your age and taking responsibility for your own life before commenting on everyone elses we dont all live in a perfect world. Example if you are paying all that money out for diet treatment then I feel very sad for you there is far better things you could spend that money on, if you have that much to spare and I wish I did give it to charity it would do far more good.

By the way its your nephews 18 birthday tomorrow dont suppose you remembered that either.

I wont bother you again as you are far to busy in your world! And please do not use this as an excuse to go into a rant or comment on your website because that really would not be very grown up of you, you can do that over a drink in the pub tonight when only your friends can hear and then you can slag of your big sister all you like. (
we talk about far more important things than that!)

As this is our last communication may I wish you merry christmas, happy new year, as I am sure I will now be off your christmas card list.

Sharon ."

Don't you just love family arguments!...heigh ho...but i would like to thank sharon for being very eloquent and for my first christmas greeting of the year.

Off to the beer festival with Steve now so I thought I would blog this now as I may have been more abusive later on!

Apologies to mum and dad if they read this but as i have said before, it's my life and i won't censor it. love to all



mcaretaker said...

families can be a pain as can all of us at times.Never mind live and let live I say. Having known Neil for quite some time I am sure if he had meant to rip the piss out of his sis he would have left us all in no doubt about his intentions.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I feel like a naughty child, but I'm not sure why. I have been trying to think about all the entries and comments I have made and if your sis is getting at me.
All I can say in Sharon's defence is it's a girl thing and you boys will never understand how us girls become friends with the most unlikely people.
I'm not sure it was wise to share this email with us, but please build some bridges now before it is too late.
A quick message to Sharon, if you think this site is bad and you have a spare hour or two, click onto next site(top right hand side)and you will read and see so very strange stuff.
Love to you all Gx

Shazza said...
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