Sunday, October 09, 2005

enough beer to waggle a widget at...

Oh there was so much spiring and tapping the other day at the corn exchange...for those not in the know it's what you do when you get a barrell of cask ale ready, so when myself and Dr Sensual went off to the beer festival we were already in a pre beer frenzy as to the delights that were to follow...

I've lost my catalogue now so I can't remember the exact ales names of the copious amount that we tried...I had two favourites of the day which were Haymaker and the Cherry beer in the foreign bar upstairs. Kriek as it is known was just sublime and it went down far too easily. Hint for a xmas present....some lovely bottles of kriek lol. Steve enjoyed himself and as we took it quite slowly in the eight hours that we were there we were just slightly numbed on leaving. We spent most of the day taking the piss out of the Camra people who you could tell a mile off, the women having beer bellies and the men all having long hair and notepads for anorak comparison. Its a great day out, we caught up with friends nicola and chris and saw many many work colleagues after their hard days graft! (we were sensible and took the whole day off). I hope to see a bigger gang there next year...oh...and you get a nice glass too!

I have just been inspired to get creative again having just watched the new film version of Dennis Potters 'The Singing Detective' was a great version with Rob Lowe as the magnificent lead role, Katie Holmes as the young nurse who greases his penis and an unrecognisable Mel Gibson as the cookie psychoanalyst. They played around with the period of the film and transposed the original 30's music used in the tv series to american 1950's rock and roll but it worked really well. Dennis Potter actually wrote the film screenplay and had plans to do this before he died. Dennis Potter would have been proud. Writing like this really inspires me and panders to my off the wall creative style. Just have to get my head round a really good idea now though as my Jungle Island story idea has been stolen by the 'Lost' team...I thought that was dead strange that how my story was going to progress really had similar ideas to what 'Lost' has achieved.

Talking of 'Lost' I have just finished watching the whole of the first series today and if you are watching it the series just builds and builds to a shocking climax cliffhanger that leads to series 2...can't wait!

hope you have all had a nice weekend..its all over too too quickly though!...Ciao


mcaretaker said...

The first two episods of series two were airing as I was in the states as was the first two of Desperate housewifes. Clad to see the jucies are flowing again. Creative wise I mean.

3Steel said...

the beers we sampled were,in no particular order:-
Tom Woods harvest bitter 4.3%
buffy's norwegian blue 4.9%
wadworth 6X 4.3%
Hook Norton Haymaker 5.0%
Tom Woods Bomber County 4.8%
Jackobins Kriek 5.5%
Milton Pegasus 4.1%
buntingford royston red 4.8%
oldershaw alchemy 5.3%

3Steel said...

oh god, how good is lost, i have seen all episodes now as well, just fantastic.