Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Literary Debut....

I am proud to present the beginning of a new piece by our own Steve M....enjoy...

The waves of the lake lapped the shorline ,gently rolling the pebbles over each other, it was a familiar sound that the two anglers had become used to on their many nightime fishing jaunts. Peter had just finished a eight year stint in the royal navy,he had served as a submariner on HMS Valiant and had seen action in the gulf war Escorting troop carriers through the straits of hormuz and on to Basra in southern iraq, he was a strong tempered guy who did not suffer fools gladly and was quick to put anyone in their place if the need arose.
Martin on the other hand had just let life slip past him since he had left school. He had drifted from one dead end job to another and from girlfriend to girlfriend, never being satisfied with what life dealt him. he is currently living wth Christine a girl he had met while on holiday in wales, Christine is a journalist for one of those in your face celebrity magazines and spends a lot of her time in london.
"how is the fire coming along" said Peter, who was casting his line into the dark pool that was copsewater lake.
"the fire is fine" replied Martin sarcastically, Peter was always ribbing him about his outdoor skills "you just make sure you don't lose any fish" he replied, tersely, they had been at the lake for three hours and not had a bite, although Martin was convinced that he had lost a "twenty pounder", Peter laid his rod on its rest and came to join Martin at the fire "do you fancy a beer" asked Peter, oh yes! said Martin eagerly, they sat in the moonlight discussing all things football and female as blokes do over a beer, the subject turned to Christine who had recently gone on a photography course at borchester university, Martin and Cristine had argued the night she left and had not spoken or been in contact since.
"So", said Peter, "how are things with you and Christine"
"not good" replied Martin.
"Are you still fighting?" asked Peter,
"no, 'cos we haven't spoke for two weeks" said Martin,sadly,
"c'mon Martin you've got to sort it out with her or you will lose her, mate."
The bite indicator on Peters rod suddenly PINGED! and made the two friends jump, Peter quickly grasped his rod and struck at what was eating the bait, A great splash broke the surface tension of the lake as Peters prey fought for freedom, After twenty minutes or so they manged to reel in the catch "wow!" said Martin "that is one big trout"
But peter was not celebrating he was just stood motionless on the shoreline staring at the catch on the end of his line.

the juices have just dried up but i think this could turn into a really good tale. Steve.x

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Anonymous said...

Do men really discuss football and female?
Where is this going, will log on early next week for the second episode.
Hope you have all had a fab weekend, see you tomorrow. Gx