Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sorry i did not get it in on time Mr Editor !

Road rage starts at an early age, just the other day 6 year old Edward was playing total driving on the playstation when i hear the faint whisper of "get out of the way you twat!!" eminating from the living area, i dont know where they pick up these little quirks from, then on saturday at his birthday party he came downstairs ever so upset and announced that one of his friends had called him an A-hole!, yours truly almost wet himself at this point.
On Sunday we met up with my cousin Mike and his wife and four kids and went to kidsworld where the lads had lots of fun on all the apparatus that they have thier also to burn off lots of energy and build up an appetite for a surprise visit to Pizza Hut aka. pizzashit as you will see later.
It was great catching up with mike as we dont see each other that often he had brought some photo albums for us to look at while the kids were busy they were full of pictures he had taken of their recent family holiday to america, you know disneyworld, mgm studios , kennedy space centre and the house they stayed at with the obligatory swimming pool, all lokked very interesting he even had some photos of the time mike and me went to italy when we were 14 or 15, brought back some great memories for me, time soon rolled round and we were soon gathering up the kids and heading off to Pizza Hut, I had booked our table well in advance so when we got there i said who we were and i get the Oh! i'll just check that, after checking that we had indeed booked we were shown to our table, looking around there was only eight other people in and they had just about finished their meals, our waitress arrives and aks if we are ready to order and we ordered five kids pizzas one deep pan pizza (medium) a medium edge a medium chicken supreme pizza and a individual lasange also some wedges and GARLIC BREAD!!!!!!!! drinks arrived pretty quickly, after about 15 minutes it started to fill up a bit and other people were ordering thier meals, not a problem i thought as ours was quite a big order it may take some time to get it all ready, then a mum dad and two children sit at a table behind us and order ten mins later they get thier pizzas at the same time we got our starters we ask the waitress where are our pizzas as we had asked for it all to come at once, i get the Oh! i'll go and check line again, i am now getting a little cross as now the place is full and everyone is eating pizza apart from us, we had now been waiting for 50 mins, 20 mins later our waitress appears at the table behind us where the family were getting ready to leave i heard her say " was everything ok for you?" as she turned to go back to the kitchen she comes over and says "Who is having the chikcken supreme pizza?" "thats me!" i said "We run out of the bases for that size of pizza!" isaid "no fucking wonder everyone else has been served before us even though we were here before any of them!" not even an apology passed her lips "Would you like to order somthing different?" she said "as long as it turns up this millennium" i replied, another fifteen minutes pass by and still no sign of any pizzas, by now the kids were getting quite hungry and were whinging quite a lot which did not do my state of mind much good at all, eventually i asked the waitress if we were ever going to eat tonight to which she said jokingly "Oh! i thought those were yours coming out now" but guess what they weren't, finally after another five mins we got our pizzas all the kids cheered and tucked in ravenously. Needless to say i will not be going there again.

ancient chinese proverb:-
man who enter airport lift sideways
going to Bangkok!

Steve x


Anonymous said...

its just what you would expect really - I admire the fact that you stayed for so long

mcaretaker said...

What do you exspect from a nasty crap chain