Friday, January 27, 2006

...the jolly green giant wasn't so jolly after the dog poo in the burning bag incident...

hi all

just a couple of things today...went to hospital yesterday and forced the consultant into letting me have aforementioned operation...he was on my side anyway, but at least he can now go to his other team members and tell them that i really want the surgery to go ahead even if it does mean that I might suffer heart failure and death on the operating table...I still have to go and see cardiologist and anaethestistiesiest before surgery takes place but at least now i know what the operation entails...more soon on that

Lisa had a dream last night which involved us getting married and me dying the next day...who the fucking hell does she think she is ...friggin anna nicole smith!!!!!!....apparently it was very romantic and i wore a lovely 3/4 length nehru suit with broccaide innards and lisa looked fabulous also (but doesn't she always)....some of you may know that I no longer have KS in my life, it was short lived but I think i understand what went wrong....thats a lie, but it sounds like acceptance!

Lots of stuff happening on the music front...Barry Manilow has a new album which myself and Steve have been warbling to for the last couple of days, he is singing all the great american songs of the 50's...on that front, look out this year for 'Neil and Steve' the album!!!!...did i mention the new Sparks album lol....

Am off to enjoy Big Brother celebrity final now, with sole mate Lisa in situ...I really couldn't live my life without her...heres to a lovely weekend...peace and out

Neil x

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3Steel said...

don't you mean steve and neil the album!, chantelle to win!!!!