Monday, January 16, 2006

off with the fairies....

Hi one and all, nice weekend I hope...i hope this blog makes sense today as I am still coming down off the drugs they gave me at the hospital today lol!

A couple of things to report...had a great weekend with KS, went over to his house on the Saturday, got attacked by his two daft dogs and then we went off to Milton Keynes for first of all a very nice pasta meal followed by the 9pm showing of 'Brokeback Mountain'. This film is a tremendous effort by Ang lee (whose film direction inspires me immensely). Its a sweeping romantic love story with an amazing landscaped background. Its a truly great film and i hope they try to throw lots of oscars at it, but i doubt that will happen in the homophobic United States.

Went off to hospital today for a further exploratory by was a sort of one step forward and two steps back visit. On the one hand the cancer has not reached the liver but it looks like it could be in the lymph nodes. The growth has started to grow back in its original position which wasn't too promising. The consultant had had a meeting with his multi-disciplinary team and it ended up with 50 percent of them in favor of surgery and 50 against. The main concern is whether my heart and weight could take the general anaesthetic, but if they don't operate then I will keep having to go back and have it checked to make sure the cancer hasn't got any worse. Personally if someone was to ask me what i wanted , i would go down the surgery route and stuff the consequences. I would rather have the cancer cut out and know its not there anymore...anyway the saga goes on and I have to wait until next thursday to talk about it further.

Oh my God!...I have just seen the first episode of series 2 of 'Lost' ...Oh my God!.....that is all i will say for now...stay tuned my deers for further updates...

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