Sunday, January 22, 2006

...and all was quiet apart from the snivelling sound in the darkened corner...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear...the suns involuntary interaction with Uranus is causing a right kerfuffle at the moment...all around me friends seem to be in conflict with each other while i just sit and listen to all sides of all stories...never have i felt so helpless in the fact that i cannot get involved in any of the conflict as I can see good and bad in all aspects of everything. I think I shall declare that I am Swiss for the next couple of weeks and sit on the fence like a good coward always does!

We had a nice time in the pub on Friday was great to get back to The Wellington for proper beer and proper conversation and nothing had changed at all, it was a s if we had never been away...Alan turned up later after jaunting around the countryside with a lot of russian ladies in a people carrier...sounds a bit suspect doesn't it!..but i can assure you that it was done for the benefit of British industry!

Not much happening today...a couple of exciting musical things to tell you album of the year for 2006 (and i REALLY don't think that anything will beat it) is the new Sparks album 'Hello Young Lovers''s an amazing album and i feel an album that they have been working towards for the last 30 years, I think this will be their career pinnacle so please get to hear it if you can. Also listening to the new PLacebo album called 'Meds' which is just bloody marvellous, Brian's voice as distinctive and evocative as ever...oh enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....features Michael Stipe and the guy from The Kills on guest vocals.

all for now...
Neil x

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