Thursday, January 12, 2006

a partly political broadcast...

Hello again and welcome back to my little piece of the web. I am beginning to get confused by politics. I do not yet know whether it is my age or just the times we live in. Back in the days of old when I was a student it was easy the world was divided into two camps and you new where you stood. Margret T was on the throne (sorry but she was, people go on about the current Presidential style of leadership but Margret ran a Monarchy) and any opposition was always to the left, way way to the left. Russia was a strange and not to be trusted place, full of people who lived in black and white and hated anything from the west.

The Iron curtain was keeping the two half’s of the planet from killing each other and the west was always right and whilst I think of it they were always telling us they were correct as well. Or so it appeared to an impressionable young rebel like me. In our own back yard politicians did as they were told (usually by Margret) and the Unions were out on strike supporting the plight of Hungarian goulash makers or having tea and sandwiches with well any body who would listen to them. Oh how times have changed and life has turned into a million colours of grey. The Tory party has adopted a youthful dare I say it left type feel to it. It’s only going to be a short time before they have a name change. The only shame is that “New Tory” sounds too much like a copy of what dear Saint Tone did as part of making the Labour party into new Labour with all the management speak and add agency hype you can throw at it.

Talking of New Labour they are rapidly becoming the party choice of the right old guard as they slip more and more into the private sector. How long I wonder before they decide to privatise the Labour party. And then there is the poor old Liberal Democrats’ who have not got a clue what the fuck to do any more. No wonder Charlie has turned to the drink. There traditional centre ground is looking a little bit crowded at present. It used to be red left, yellow middle, and blue right. Now there all in the middle all piled up. What colour do you get if you mix red, blue and orange? A sort of brownish sludge which describes the state of thing better than I probably can in words. It’s got like there all playing a game of Monopoly and all three have landed on the same square. Accept that the poor old Lib Dims always seem to pick a chance card that says “Go past go do not collect any seats, remain irrelevant for ever”. And now just as the other parties are electing younger more youthful leaders to appeal to the young vote the Lib Dims are about to put some aged Sir at the helm to deliver another great yellow own goal. No wonder you can’t get people to vote, and the turn out at elections is dropping. It’s no good when they are all alike you need the good cop bad cop bit. I suspect that in the long run the winner will be the party that has the strength to realise being different is no bad thing.
Matt x

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