Thursday, January 19, 2006

Confessions of a Caretaker....

January is with us and all around people are moping that Christmas is over and there is nothing to look forward to. It’s true you have to dress up nice and warm to go outside and the days are still short. This last point struck me on New Year’s Day as I struggled out of bed at about 3.30pm and it was already getting dark. The last time I had got up this late was the day after I flew back from the USA and the hangover was replaced by jet lag. It is widely reported that when the winter comes we naturally want to curl up and sleep until the spring. And yes it certainly is going against the grain when you get up to go to work in what your body is convinced is still the middle of the night. But having said all that when the days are so short it does seem a shame to waste the daylight by staying in bed late.(it doesn't seem to affect lisa lol...blogmaster) Back in the summer when I had the jet lag at least when I did surface there was still a long part of the day to do stuff so it did not seem quite so bad. I do not know if this year is worse than normal because of the continuous grey blank weather we seem to be having. Give me some cold crisp frosty days anytime. January is also the traditional time to pay the bills that you forced yourself not to think about before Christmas. My advice for what its worth to anyone who cares is this, give your self something to look forward to. Booking a holiday is a good one, forcing you to think about the hot sun and which place to visit this year is great for banishing the winter blues. If you’re reading this it means you have a PC and you’re on the web, so minimise this and go look on the internet there are some fantastic deals around if you are prepared to do some leg work.

By the time you read this most of the regular readers will know that I have a new job and for those that don’t I do. After ten years Caretaking the time has come to hang up my keys and move. The new job is with the same company, and is one I did a number of years ago as a secondment. So I will still see the same old gang but now I will be wearing a tie. Well there had to be a down side. The up is better and more than compensates for the neck wear. No on call weeks, no compulsory weekend working, no more tortuous team meeting that make you want to slit your wrists because of the stupidity of some, (my forehead will be grateful if nothing else from not having to bang it against a brick wall all the time) no more mixing with ignorant, rude, spiteful, vindictive, two faced, nosey, stab you in the back, tenants. I bet you thought I was going to say seniors didn’t you.
Matt x


Anonymous said...

Great blog Matt, and congrats on the new job. Can't comment further, still finding it difficult to string a few words together. See you all tomorrow night, should be a good turnout. Gx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt
Great News the blog was good as per usual and thanks for the comment about my sleeping habits Neil nothing wrong with having duvet days be even better if they could last all winter my idea of bliss lol.

Looking forward to tomorrow night
Lisa xxx