Thursday, January 05, 2006

numpty numpty numpty

It’s now 2006 and time to reveal the best kept secret of the last few years. As some of you out there might know I have a little bit to do with Health and Safety in my day to day job. And the one thing that strikes me over and over again is how stupid people are.

The classic if a little apocryphal example is the old lady who successfully sued the American manufacture of a well known microwave for not telling her that it could not be used to dry her pet Poodle after it had been out for a walk in the rain. She argued that because there were no warnings on the side of the box or in the instructions that she did not know not to use it to dry animals. Now to me this is just common sense in the same way as you know not to park your car on a railway crossing before opening the second gate. Common sense tells any normal person that you open both gates drive across then shut them. Not open the first one drive on shut the first one open the second one get back in you car then drive through. The same is obvious with your pets not to use a microwave to dry your pet pooch.

Now we all know that common sense exists in some people more than others. But, is it me or are there more stupid people out there than there used to be. Why have we lost the ability to think ahead? Is it that we are just greedy and looking for someone to blame all the time? “No one told me” or “it’s not my fault” are banded around all the time it seem to me. Or am I just surrounded at work by an unusually high number of numpties. (Obviously I am not referring to anyone who I work with who contributes to the writing of this blog).

Or perhaps there is another explanation to all this. Perhaps just perhaps we are getting more stupid with every generation that follows the previous one. Let me try to explain but first I have to give credit for this remarkable bit of deduction to one of my friend who told me about this just before Christmas. People in Britain are getting more stupid because of Health and Safety. In the old days when people did stuff that the Health and Safety people have now banned or just over regulated they were killed or maimed to a point where no one would take them on as a life partner. Now with all the rules and regulations that surround ladders and working with electricity etc many many fewer people are being killed. So there are lots more stupid people walking around breeding (and reading the Sun) who should be dead. As we all know from Charles Darwin’s work on natural selection that means that the common sense gene pool is slowly being diluted by the thick people.

So there we have it we are all getting more stupid with each generation that passes by because Health and Safety has made our lives so safe the stupid live to fuck another day. See you next week unless the safety police think that sitting down and writing is too dangerous.
matt x

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Great blog Matt, would love to say more, but probably best not too! Gx