Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm a big brother celebrity...so get me out of here!

Well some of us wait all year for it and some don’t – what you may ask am I talking about well it can only be C4 Celebrity Big Brother! Maybe I should use the term celebrity lightly, Neil and I sat waiting to see who would be going in the house with baited breath.

What can I say is that the best person they could find out of the thousands that applied Chantelle! Well we knew that it was going to be bad. What followed were hardly celebrities a couple of token Americans and loads of wannabes and wannalesses. Oh well if it helps their career they must be all pleased.

I mean to say where is the eye candy for the ladies if the best they have to offer is Maggot, Dennis, George, Michael, Pete and Preston I mean hardly drop dead gorgeous are they. Pete swanning around in his gorilla fur causing such controversy and outrage that an arrest in imminent.

Dennis wanting to jump into bed with any female that gives him a wink. Maggot less said the better. George in there to promote his party but admits there is not enough intellectual conversation for him what did he expect did he not see BB this year!
Preston well if you did not know his band Ordinary Boys before you do now so will help push his album mainstream.

But then the women are no better Jodie, Rula, Faria, Tracey and Chantelle. Jodie went in to prove that she was not what people thought she was and she wanted us to see that really deep down she is a nice person. (well that hasn't worked...so what next then?...BM)

Ok give the benefit of the doubt I say but I cringed at her antics on the TV last night she just confirmed what we all thought. No class. Faria nice person but what is she famous for having an affair with a couple of old codgers (should that read giving blow jobs to desperate partnered old codgers?...BM) that just happened to be her employers and one of which was the England Football Manager. So that makes you famous for what.

Tracey former model and Baywatch babe famous for donning a tight red swimsuit and running slowly along a beach flicking your hair.

Rula the only real celebrity girl I think she has come a long way since Rock Follies but admits that she wanted to do BB to help enhance her TV career rather than her theatre career.

Well we are not into the first week and the papers are full of it, the nominations have been announced and I wonder who will be the first for eviction this week Jodie, Pete or George you decide………..

But on a serious note all the celebrities are in there to support a charity and raise funds for them and just in case you wondered who is sponsoring which charity


Rula Wildlife Line

Preston St Patrick’s Trust – Helping the homeless

Traci Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Dennis National Alliance to End Homelessness and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease

Maggot The Guide Dogs for the Blind

Michael Breast Cancer Care

Jodie Women’s Refuge and Beat Bullying

Pete Mermaids – provides support for children and teenagers who are faced with a gender identity issues.

George Interpal – provision of relief and development aid to needy Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the refugee camps in Jordon and Lebanon.

So George, Pete or Jodie you decide …………………………………………

Lisa x


3Steel said...

pete to win!!!!! he is probably winding everyone up about his coat being gorrilla skin, as i have never seen a blonde gorrilla!, as for jodie she is a complete slag!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it! It's so dreadful I just have to keep watching. I know it's a little late for me, but I saw them enter the house and found I was then well and truely hooked. How sad is that. Sorry unable to produce a blog again this week, too much going on at the moment. Please forgive me! Gx

mcaretaker said...

I'm just not sure that the whole BB thing has not gone past its sell by date.