Wednesday, September 07, 2005

with a thong in my heart...

Great night in the pub as usual on Friday, still not sure how we came to talk about my underwear, but true to form, I had to explain the black and white theme(for those of you who maybe slightly interested, I can't mix my undies, they have to be all black, or all white and very rarely will I wear other colours or anything with a pattern on it). Also I feel the need to set the record straight, recent course of antibiotics were prescribed for my infected foot, not for any other reason. If you care to read previous blogs I have occasionally mentioned condoms and the need to check they are still in date before they are required, I know they can often ruin the moment, but I would rather have a ruined moment than something that requires antibiotics!

I had an unexpected night off on Saturday(7yr old spent two nights with daddy), so I thought I would use my time wisely and check-out other blogs. Most are talking about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, and some clearly are not! I was surprised to see a fairly even mix of sex and religion, but struggled to find any "normal" stuff. Some sites looked promising until I started to read them, they are clearly created by younger people who seem to have lost the ability to type English, and I really struggle to read and work out the meanings of these one/two character words. One site I stumbled on had some fab photo's on it and I thought it was worth a mention, so if you want to "explore the sensual contours of earths body" please go to I will be looking for reproductions on flickr, although Neil has already come close once or twice. Other sites claiming to contain "nature" were pictures of peoples pubic hair, not very attractive as they had recently shaved and were full of blemishes. Yuck!

Later on Saturday night I was introduced to a new drink, I'm not a lover of these bottles of vodka based alcoh pops but this one is certainly worth a mention. It's called WKD original vodka blue. It smells and tastes like dandelion and burdock(I'm sure most of you can remember this from your childhood), and is a subtle shade of blue. Like most of these drinks it slips down very easily, and if you add a shot of port to it, it really is fab. Do you think they sell it in the pub?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had received some really good news. I can now tell you that I have a new job(still waiting to find out my new job title and final details). I will still be working in the same office, and managing the team, but I will now be doing other stuff which will include lots of research and client consultation. I'm really excited as maybe after 16yrs it's time for a change.


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mcaretaker said...

Great blog. Well done with the job change, nice to hear a happy story.