Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Neil and Lisa...Live from Egypt!

Hello all
well suprise suprise...we have an internet cafe thingy at the hotel!
Hi Lisa here, can I tell an amusing thing that happened at the airport, before all you non-smokers recoil Neil brought 200 menthol cigerettes to enjoy on his trip and then gets one pack out at the airport and decides to leave the other 180 in the bar for all the other smokers to share while he is away lol - I did offer to go and get them(after about half an hour of sitting there laughing) but we had to board the plane so he has a packet of 20 here that cost him 23 pounds lol.

well...i am enjoying my cigarettes at 1.10 each! and will savour them immensely. We arrived okay with no traumas really apart from when we got to our luxurious suite I had a bit of a hissy fit because the fridge wasn't working and my insulin was in danger of going off...so i phoned reception and he asked if he could send an engineer in the morning to which i exploded "I only want a fridge that works , is that too much too ask"(nothing worse than a queen in full flow!)

We have had a hectic morning and afternoon laying on sun loungers watching the world and his wife go by. Some sights have been nice to look at some have been horrific and the swimwear of elderly men is not a sight to behold.

We have just had a lovely italian dinner and before that lisa was stooped over in the bathroom picking up 300 slenda sweeteners that i conveniently dropped on the floor...I hasten to add that i will not be using these!

well we are now off to the bar for an evening of rum and coke and camp singing by a very sweet man...all for now...love you lots
Neil and Lisa xx

PS more updates will appear as we have paid 8 pounds for three hours of interneting so we are going to use it all up in the seven fucking days that we have!


Anonymous said...

I told you not to start smoking again Neil, clearly you did not listen and have paid the price(£23.00).
Have a good time, glad you have thought about your friends if only for a brief moment.
Enjoy the experience, missing you both. Gx

mcaretaker said...

Serve you right. Hope it teacheds you to not start again. Seriously though have a good time and I will see you soon.

3Steel said...

£23.00 for 20 menthol fags!!!!! oh dear, should have stayed smoke free its cheaper and much much healthier!,have a great time though see you when you get back.